Listening Resource: Amazon Music

日本語の練習 第143週

Japanese Practice Week 143



「YouTube Music」と話したがありましたが、別の音楽アプリの事を話したいと思います。

この音楽アプリは「Amazon Music」。このアプリで音楽を大体買いますが、無料音楽も聴きます。Amazon Musicアプリをインストールしていれば誰でも聞くことのできるサービスです。音楽を聴きながら、歌詞を見ることができます。



N3 文法


rather than

V (Plain form) + というより(は)
N + というより(は)
い-Adj + というより(は)
な-Adj + というより(は)

This is used to express something in another way. Like to make things more clearer. There is a casual way to use this as well with friends. And that is ていうか.

There is also a idiom というよりはむしろ is often used with this grammar. It means “rather than… instead…”.

Ex: 彼はゲームで日本語を勉強するというより練習するのです。

(He practices his Japanese rather than studying it with video games.)

Ex: 僕はマスターというよりはオールラウンダーです。

(I’m an all-rounder rather than a master.)

Ex: 彼女はかわいいっていうか美人だと思います。

(She’s more of beauty than a cutie.)

Ex: この本は無理というよりは難しいです。

(This book is hard rather than impossible.)


by the way

This is a conjunction that allows you to change the subject.
A similar word to this is ちなみに.

Ex: ところで、昼ご飯一緒にどう?

(By the way, how about we go get lunch?)

Ex: ところで、明日空いてるの?本屋に行かない?

(By the way, are you free tomorrow? Do you wanna go to the bookstore?)

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS

to divide; to split; to part; to separate

分=part, minute of time, segment, share, degree, one’s lot, duty, understand, know

From the kanji itself, you can get a feel for the meaning of this verb. Another reading of this kanji is 分(ぶん)which means part, portion or share. With this verb you can use it to say you’ll share something with someone else. Like RIn (poorly) offering to share her lunch with Shiro. 

Or you can use it to mean to distinguish something from another thing. Like how Kagami is questioning if Konata can separate reality from a dream.

This verb can be used by itself. However there are other ways to use it such as:

切り分け = to divide(分け) something by cutting(切り) it.

Like a ring being put in a cut-up pie from Is the Order a Rabbit.

使い分け = to use(使い) something for different (分け)things.

Like a voice actor using their skills at karaoke in Lucky Star.

見分け=To make a distinction(分け) by sight (見).

Like Sawa-chan can’t tell Mio and Azusa apart without her glasses from K-ON!.


Trying something new can be good sometimes.

B:わー ありがとう。

[Trying something new]
A:This restaurant has delicious food.
B:It looks like it. Do you go here often?
A:I eat here a couple of times out of the week. Oh, here’s the menu.
A:What’s up?
B:What’s this? U… na… jyu… where have I seen this before?
A: Oh, unaju. Probably Genta from Detective Conan. It’s Genta’s favorite food.
B: Oh, that’s right. Looks delicious.
A:This restaurant is famous for it.
B:Then, I’ll have this.
A: Me too. By the way, it’s on me.
B: Wow, thanks.



This may be familiar to you. You probably have seen this kanji in 恋人(こいびと) or 恋愛(れんあい)for those who have listened to Renai Circulation for the umpteenth time. This kanji refers to love in the romantic sense. So I’ll go with “Love” here. The の connects 恋 to the next word. It’ll most likely be “of” or be given a possessiveness. Let’s take a look at the next word.

打ち comes from the verb 打つ and 上げ comes from the verb 上げる. There is one definition I found that fits for 打つ in this context and that is “to move” and 上げる means “to rise”. So to move upwards?

The word 打ち上げ also reminds me of a certain movie by Shaft.

『打ち上げ花火、下から見るか? 横から見るか?』or Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? From this you can see this word is used to say “launch fireworks” or just “fireworks”. By looking at 打ち上げ that makes sense.

This basic kanji here means flower. However, as you could see from that movie title it is usually paired with the kanji 火 to make fireworks. Think of a firework and how it sprouts out like a flower. I guess that is how the word 花(flower) 火(fire) came to be.

Without that kanji it just means something like “Launching flowers”. Perhaps they were going with something more poetic. So maybe I’ll go with that spin as well and go with a more “literal” translation.

Launching Flowers of Love

That works. This title comes from the show Boruto (episode 260). I know I’ve talked about Boruto in the past but I found this episode interesting (plus I want to rant about the absolute state of Boruto on Crunchyroll).

This episode was a good one to have during Summer. Mainly because of the fireworks.

So this episode was like Tamaya (玉屋・たまや) and Kagiya (鍵屋・かぎや) with a bit of Romeo and Juliet mixed in. Interesting. Tamaya and Kagiya were rival firework makers in the Edo period. People used to cheer for one or the other when they held a competition for who had the best fireworks. That’s why you sometimes hear someone say 「たまやー」(Tamaya) or「かぎやー」(Kagiya) during fireworks in anime.

And now on to the rant.

I know that I’ve talked about this anime before but I wanted to talk about the current state of Boruto on Crunchyroll. It’s better to say the absolute state of Boruto on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has been going on a deleting/spoiler marking spree on Boruto comments for months now. It seems to have all started with episode 246. Even my comment got deleted XD. Good thing I put my comments on MAL. Here is what I said:

“Holy cheeseballs. I wasn’t expecting Boruto’s Karma showing up. Darn I forgot Iwabe and Sarada can use medical ninjutsu. Thought she wasn’t good at it. Still think they could’ve used Hibiichigo’s sewing technique here. That could’ve been helpful. Did Tenma really just die though? What the heck. Isn’t he supposed to be strong. Then again he had a flashback so that usually means a death flag.”

Funny thing is I think they marked it as a spoiler at first. However looking back now, it just says [COMMENT DELETED].

I can understand deleting the typical comments that state how crappy the show is or they spoil something from the manga. However, this isn’t the case here. Lately I have been putting my comments in spoiler tags (because 90% of the time the mods will end up doing it anyway). I found if I don’t and the mods do it, you can’t take the spoiler tag off. The constant “why are so many comments getting deleted” or “why are there so many spoilers” comments shows what kind of a sad state Boruto is in right now.

There are three things I have come up with:

  • The mods have the power to mark comments as spoilers or delete them (according to a forum I found here).
  • Hardcore Boruto fans flagging comments as a spoiler or reporting the comment.
  • The mods somehow put bots on this show’s comment section alone.

Heck, even in this episode, Steelers92 said something about Kakashi drinking tea with his mask on and it got deleted (along with the replies). Then several other people commented about the same thing and they are still there.

Hopefully with the current arc (the Himawari Kawaki Ninja Academy Arc) there will be less of this. Considering they deleted a comment saying “finally some Himawari” on episode 261 that’s not going to happen. I don’t think the person meant anything nefarious by this comment but two people replied to it. Tried to explain why it was deleted in a comment and well… it got deleted.







I went to a charcoal cutter’s house. Maybe he can tell me about this move called Cut. No dice. He’s worried about his apprentice in Ilex Forest. Guess I’ll help him out. When I was heading for the forest I was stopped by Keiji. He heard about the incident and was wondering who took down Team Rocket. He didn’t believe that I did it and challenged me to a Pokemon.

First Pokemon: Gastly. Kochou’s Confusion is super-effective on it (Is it a poison type?) and took it down. His Zubat was also super-effective to Confusion. Sent out Static to take it down with a Thundershock. So his Totodile has evolved into a Croconaw. Sent out Toriyama to hit it with a Sand-attack. Poisoned it with Peter’s Poison Sting and slowed it down with Scary Face. Hanabi is the only one that I can count on to take him down. We were lucky Croconaw kept missing but it almost killed her with Water Gun. We finished the fight with a Tackle.

Weak this weak that. How does his Pokemon put up with him? Looks like he’s got a bone to pick with Team Rocket. Wonder what that’s about? Meh. Anyway I gotta go look for that apprentice. But first: the Pokemon Center.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!

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