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What’s in a Title: Mushoku Tensei



This word is something you use to address another person’s daughter in a polite sense.


This word is just an honorific suffix that comes after names (Kaguya – Sama) and/or sometimes titles such as someone who has a higher status in a hierarchy (お姫様👸). Together with お嬢, we get お嬢様, which can mean a young lady who has had a very comfortable upbringing. 

You can see this type of girl quite a bit in anime (they even have their own laugh). They are usually seen as pompous, loud, and want for nothing (because if she doesn’t get what she wants it is usually acquired to the chagrin of others).

This particle can mean many other things but when it is used here it means “and”. 


The kanji that makes up this word is quite interesting. For our first character we have 暴 which can mean force, cruelty, outrage, etc. Then we have a kanji that may seem familiar to you, 力, which can mean power, strength, exert, etc. In this context you can probably derive from these two kanji that this word means to “exert violence”.

So we put this all together and it translates to “A Young Lady and Violence”. So in a deeper context we have a young lady that uses violence. Sounds like a dangerous girl. And after watching this episode I can see that she is indeed quite the handful. 

Right on the money. If you are interested the anime this title is from is called “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation”. So far is a great anime. This is not your run of the mill “reincarnated to another world” kind of anime. It takes it to a deeper level and doesn’t allow anyone to insert themselves as the main character.

As we go on with the story, we even get to see him go through “rehabilitation in another world” or so to speak. Makes me wonder why it took so long for it to get greenlit for an anime when it came out around the time Sword Art Online started publishing the books (and yet SAO seems like it is on it’s last arc or two).

Nonetheless, you can find the web novel on syosetsu in Japanese. The light novel (JP and EN) and manga (JP and EN) series can be found on Bookwalker. Here is a PV for the anime:


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