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What’s in a Title: Kingdom Hearts III


新たなる (あらたなる)

新た(あらた) is another way to say “new”. I like to think of it as a more literary form of 新しい (あたらしい). This means that you will see pop up more often while reading books or in movies to give off a more dramatic (mega) flare. When combined with なる, it is still an adjective, and it still means “new”. From what I have gathered this is common in literature, to make it more dramatic or perhaps dynamic.

旅立ち (たびたち)

These two words together 旅 and 立ち means departure or setting off on a trip or a journey. As we know (people play KH, right?), from the many adventures we have had with Sora, Goofy, and Donald (c-c-combo breaker over the years, departures, new meetings, and old friends are sure to come up.

So together we have simply “Setting Off on a New Journey” or “A New Journey”.

This chapter came from a web manga website called Ganganonline. They don’t have all the chapters (you can only read this prologue, chapter 1, 13 and 14 as of this blog release) on here but I am definitely going to start reading now. 

Bonus: 原案 (げんなん)

When this is provided in movie credits or in this case this manga chapter, it means something on the terms of “original creator” or the person who created the “original work” before the adaptation. And if you can read hiragana, you’ll notice a familiar name.

You can read this chapter for free here.


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