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Another Dive into Translation

日本語の練習 第126週Japanese Practice Week 126 2022年04月24日「日」第126週  Hello everyone! We’ll be starting off today with looking at localization vs literal translations from an anime I watched. We’ll also be diving into the intricacies of this week’s grammar points. And a song title break down from the anime Iroduku: The World in Colors. With that being said,Continue reading “Another Dive into Translation”

Hinamatsuri + What is おむすび + Goodbye to ヒトリゴト

日本語の練習 第119週 Japanese Practice Week 119 2022年03月06日「日」第119週  Hello everyone! This week I’ll be talking about the Hinamatsuri that just past and how it relates to an anime I’m watching right now. After that I’ll be discussing what おむすび is in an article. And this will be the final ヒトリゴト. There’s more in the post soContinue reading “Hinamatsuri + What is おむすび + Goodbye to ヒトリゴト”

Translation: Humans VS Machines

日本語の練習 第113週 Japanese Practice Week 113 2022年01月23日「日」第113週  Hello everyone! Kyuusei here to teach you Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. With that being said, let’s continue. Table of Contents EVENT IN JAPANESE LEARN FROM LET’S PLAYS: KINGDOM HEARTS N3 GRAMMAR JUST TALKING N3 VERBS WHAT’S IN A TITLE DIALGOUE REI’S JOURNAL 日本語のイベント/EVENTContinue reading “Translation: Humans VS Machines”