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Summer 2022 Goals

I think I’ll take it a bit easier on myself this summer. There are so many things I want to get done, so I’ll do my best. Japanese Read a book every month Starting in July I’d like to start reading one book a month. I have some books in mind but I also wantContinue reading “Summer 2022 Goals”


SPRING 2022: プログレスリポート

I used to put these with the weekly blog. I think it will be better off as a separate thing from now on. Before I start my Summer goals I’d like to go over what I accomplished this Spring. SHOGI 将棋 Thanks to 3月のライオン, I became interested in playing Shogi. I started doing tsume puzzles backContinue reading “SPRING 2022: プログレスリポート”

PLAY-ASIA + キングダムハーツ +Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

日本語の練習 第133週 Japanese Practice Week 133 2022年06月12日「日」第133週  Hello everyone! Starting off this week talking about my experience with Play-Asia. Going over the usual N3 stuff. Translating an article about the new Pokemon game with a few comments. Find out what a 天邪鬼 is doing in an anime called Dororo. Plus, watch Kyuusei get creeped outContinue reading “PLAY-ASIA + キングダムハーツ +Pokemon Scarlet & Violet”

Kanazawa Shogi

日本語の練習 第132週 Japanese Practice Week 132 2022年06月05日「日」第132週  Hello everyone! Starting off today talking about the shogi app called Kanazawa Shogi. Then we’ll jump right into some grammar and a verb. And before we get into what Kyuusei is doing in Johto, I’ll introduce you to a manga I’ve been reading. So, with that being said,Continue reading “Kanazawa Shogi”

Birthday + Goals + Japan Becomes #1

日本語の練習 第131週 Japanese Practice Week 131 2022年05月29日「日」第131週  Hello everyone! Kyuusei here to teach you Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. With that being said, let’s continue. 日本語のイベント/EVENT IN JAPANESE レベルが29に上がった!3年前から、日本語を勉強し続けて、このブログをはじめました。来年、どこかにいるのかはわかりませんが、日本語系の仕事をしたいと思います。翻訳者とか、ゲームを作るとか、日本語の教師とか。日本語を勉強したら、色々な場所に行くことができると思います。色々な場所、色々な扉。 でも、日本語はまだまだです。もっとうまくなりたいから、はやくN2かN1に合格したいですが、今の調子で続ける予定です。それに、今の僕がN2に合格するなんて、ありえないことです。難しくても、あきらめない予定です。毎日、本を読んだり、書いたり、ゲームをしたり、翻訳したり、話したりしたら、きっといつか目指すゴールに届くことができます。  N3 文法 [さえ~ば] if only… then/As long as V[drop ます]+さえ+すれば / しなければいーAdj[drop final い] +さえ+あれば / なければなーAdj+でさえ+あれば / なければN+さえ+V(Conditional form) This boilsContinue reading “Birthday + Goals + Japan Becomes #1”

Tokyo School Life + What is 当て字?

日本語の練習 第130週 Japanese Practice Week 2022年05月22日「日」第130週  Hello everyone! Talking about a game that I’ve been playing this Spring called Tokyo School Life. Providing some grammar and a breakdown of a verb as usual. We will also be getting into a title from Vinland Saga. And to wrap it up Kyuusei has a battle with hisContinue reading “Tokyo School Life + What is 当て字?”

Kiwi Browser: Good for Web Novels! + New Touch Free Tech & Tsurekano

日本語の練習 第129週 Japanese Practice Week 129 2022年05月15日「日」第129週  Hello everyone! Starting off with a mobile web browser that allows you to use extensions and what I use to read web novels. We’ll also be taking a look at an article that has some good application for future technology. And lastly we’ll wrapping it up with anotherContinue reading “Kiwi Browser: Good for Web Novels! + New Touch Free Tech & Tsurekano”

Learning Resource: JRPGs + What does 推し mean

日本語の練習 第128週 Japanese Practice Week 128 2022年05月08日「日」第128週  Hello everyone! We’ll be starting with a introduction to a Youtuber I’ve been watching recently, going over some grammar and a verb. Up next will be a little review of the web manga I’m reading on Comic Walker. Plus, Kyuusei’s journey is off to a good start justContinue reading “Learning Resource: JRPGs + What does 推し mean”

Another Dive into Translation

日本語の練習 第126週Japanese Practice Week 126 2022年04月24日「日」第126週  Hello everyone! We’ll be starting off today with looking at localization vs literal translations from an anime I watched. We’ll also be diving into the intricacies of this week’s grammar points. And a song title break down from the anime Iroduku: The World in Colors. With that being said,Continue reading “Another Dive into Translation”

Learning Kansai-ben + Kingdom Hearts 4 + End of Rei’s Journey

日本語の練習 第125週 Japanese Practice Week 125 2022年04月17日「日」第125週  Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to learn Kansai-ben for a while so I’ll be taking the plunge into this dialect now. You probably already know but I wanted to discuss Kingdom Hearts IV since I didn’t get to last week (funny how I finished Kingdom Hearts at thatContinue reading “Learning Kansai-ben + Kingdom Hearts 4 + End of Rei’s Journey”