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What’s in a Title: Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu



It can mean to break up a relationship(絶交). The first kanji in this context can mean “discontinue” or “sever”. The second kanji,  交 (which can mean association), is different from the one we are looking for (好). 

So let’s break down that kanji compound. The first kanji can mean “beyond” while the second one can mean “to like” or “pleasing”.  It’s beyond pleasing.

 Now you can sort of see how it can be used to mean “Best” or “Ideal” or “Perfect”.

A particle that can describe a noun being possessive (like an apostrophe s). You can also translate it to “of”. Another way you can use this particle is by turning verbs and adjectives into nouns. Luckily our previous word is an adjective so we can just put it together with 絶好 and just means “Best” or “Ideal” or “Perfect”.


This word just means “curry”. Never had it before but I would like to try it one day. Preferably not too spicy. 


Another word in katakana. This word means “pancake”. You know those things that Akechi from Persona 5 likes so much. 

It’s kinda funny because in this episode they actually make hotcakes, which are just a fancier version of a pancake, I guess (?).

Put it together and you get something like “Ideal Curry Pancake” or “Perfect Curry Pancake”. Never heard of a curry pancake before but since I’m imagining it with syrup it does not sound too appetizing. But who knows maybe I’ll give it a shot one day.

BONUS: Before this scene with the girls, there was a sign that reads
調理室(ちょうりしつ)or “cooking room”.

Think of it as a home ec classroom where you can cook food. 

And now let’s take a look at Crunchyroll’s translation.

Pretty good. Missed the plural on pancake but I think that’s fine. From my knowledge, Japanese doesn’t have a way to make things plural. The singular noun (pancake) for something can also mean the plural form of it as well (pancakes).

This anime is from the called ひとりぼっちの○○生活 or Hitori Bocchi’s ○○ Life. Not sure but I think the two circles(which is read as まるまる) can mean something like blank or 。。。that shows up in anime. Most likely pointing out the fact that Hitori’s new Middle School Life is kind of undecided or unsure.

Anyways, this show tells the story of a girl who had only one friend in elementary school. Since they are going to different schools, her friend said she wouldn’t be her friend until she made new friends in her class. Not just a few but the whole class. Now our shy protagonist, Hitori Bocchi, has to make friends with all of her classmates at her new middle school to become friends with her again.

Here’s a PV: 

I also like the anime due to the word play with the characters’ names. I know that these names are just basically giving away their characters but I am a sucker for when it comes to puns and wordplay.

一里 ぼっち (一人(ひとり)ぼっち)= All Alone

砂尾 なこ(すなお なこ)= Honest Child

本庄 アル(ほんしょう ある)=Has a true nature

ソトカ・ラキター(外(そと)から 来た(きた))=Came from outside(the country)

倉井 佳子(暗い過去(くらい かこ))=Dark Past

八原 かい(柔らかい・やわらかい)=Soft/subtle

押江 照代 先生(おしえ・てるよ 教えてるよ)=I’ll teach you. She was destined to be a teacher.

Speaking of word play, 完璧のカレーパンケーキ would’ve been nice to translate to. Means the same thing and it rhymes.

I don’t know if this show will get a second season but the manga is finished. Plus, it’s only 8 volumes. Perhaps I’ll add that to my BOOK☆WALKER collection.


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