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Digimon Adventure 02 Getting a Movie?!

日本語の練習 第166週
Japanese Practice Week 166





Nothing like a good book to keep you up at night.


A: おい、おまえ、午前3時だよ。まだ起きているなんて、何をしてる?

B: 。。。

A: おい、聞こえるか、リョウ?!こっちの政界に戻ってこい〜!

B: あ、ごめん。耳栓を付けた。どうした?

A: 午前3時だよ。何をしてる?

B: やべえ!そんな時間?!いいところだったから、つい。。。

A: まあ、春休みだから、いいよ。何の本か?

B: 名探偵コナンから紅恋歌。

A: そんなノベライズある?

B: うん。『ハロウィンの嫁』があればいいけど。

A: あ、そうか。残業だから、俺たちは見なかったな。

B: 2週間後に公開される映画を見たいなあ。

A: 灰原のやつの?最高みたい。見に行けない?

B: いいよ、読み続けていい?

A: うん。読み終えたら、その本を借りさせてほしい。

B: ハイハイ。

[Books are great]

A: Dude, it’s like 3 in the morning. What are you still doing up?

B: …

A: Hey, Earth to Ryou!

B: Oh, sorry man. Had earplugs in. What’s up?

A: It’s 3 in the morning, dude. What are you doing?

B: Oh shoot! It’s that late?! Got to a good part in this book so…

A: Well I guess it’s fine since spring just started. What book is that anyway?

B: Detective Conan Crimson Love Letter.

A: They have novelizations of that?

B: Yeah. Wish they’d do the Halloween Bride.

A: Oh yeah, you didn’t get to see it because we were doing a lot of overtime.

B: Hopefully I can watch the new one coming out in a couple of weeks.

A: Oh, the one with Haibara. Looks like it’s going to be awesome. Let’s go see it.

B: Sure, can I get back to my book now?

A: Yeah. And let me know when you’re done. I want to read it.

B: Yeah yeah.







Flew to Ecruteak City to find out more about this Rainbow Wing. Now that I’ve lost Rock Lee, I got Bubbles out of the PC. Thank goodness she can learn Strength. It might come in handy later. Need her to get stronger though. Compared to everyone else she doesn’t stand a chance against the last Gym. Plus there seems to be a Pokemon on top of the Tin Tower. 

Oh yeah there was a farm around here with sick Milktank. Gave it some berries and it became healthy. Bought some of its milk for 500 yen. It looks tasty. Bubbles got a little stronger so I think we can head to the Tin Tower. 

This place is a big maze with stairs, ledges and teleportation panels. How do the monks not get lost in this place? I was about to give up halfway and use an escape rope but I decided to keep going. Besides, they said that a Pokemon is up here so it better be a cool looking one. Oh… this thing is freaking huge. Yep, this Pokemon has the same feathers as this Rainbow Wing. We are ready to go.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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