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Made a Bilingual Detective Conan Tribute Page

日本語の練習 第165週
Japanese Practice Week 165





Boruto is finally over… what to do now?


A: ボルトはもう終わったなあ?

B: うん。色々あったか。楽しかったがー

A: アニオリがたくさん。

B: そうそう、ほとんどはクソ。いいアニオリがある。たとえば、忍者アカデミー。

A: 確かに。ヒマワリの出番がついに来た。うれしかった。

B: いつ戻るかな?長い時間かかるだろ?

A: まあ、たぶん。マンガは毎月1話を出すから、しかたない。

B: 最初からシーズンを発表した方がいいだろう。

A: ヒロアカみたい?

B: うん。毎年見られる。

A: アニオリあっちこっちがあれば、構わなかった。

B: たとえば、サスケ列伝?

A: それでいいね。まあ、少なくともマンガはまだあるから大丈夫。

B: あ、忘れてた。

A: なんだ?

B: 今月の話を読まなかった。

A: うそ!なんだよ、おまえ?読んだ方がいいよ。

B: そんなにいい話なのか?

A: マジ上手かった。

[Farewell Boruto]

A: Can’t believe Boruto is finally over.

B: Yeah. It’s been going on for so long. It’s been fun but- 

A: There was so much filler.

B: Right, some were good. Like the Ninja academy arc.

A: You’ve got a point. Great to see Himawari get some screen time.

B: Guess it’ll be some time before the anime comes back.

A: Probably. The manga is still coming out monthly so this is necessary.

B: Would’ve been a better idea to just split them into seasons.

A: Like Hero Aca.

B: Yeah. You get one season each year. 

A: Wouldn’t mind some of the filler arcs thrown in.

B: Sasuke Retsuden Arc was good.

A: That would be nice. Welp, at least we still got the manga.

B: Ah, crap. I forgot.

A: What?

B: I haven’t read this month’s chapter yet.

A: No way! What the heck, dude? Go and read it.

B: Is it that good?

A: It’s freaking great.







Everyone is tired but we can’t give up just yet. One more executive and we can stop them. Houndour seems a bit too much for Kochou so I switched to Toriyama. It almost killed him so I switched to Hanabi to take it down. Hanabi was able to take down Koffing as well but was poisoned. His last Pokemon was the toughest. I wish Rock Lee was here. Houndoom looks like an evolved version of that Houndour we fought a while ago. 

It almost killed Hanabi so switched to Static to finish the job. After many super potions, Static was able to paralyze and take it down. After the battle, the Executive decided to disband Team Rocket. Well, that’s good. Now that I think about it, why didn’t the members I beat go to the Pokemon Center and heal their Pokemon? Couldn’t they have put me in a consecutive deathmatch? Guess that’s too low for them. 

Anyway, the Radio Tower is fine now. Just as I was about to leave, the Director came in and gave me a Rainbow Wing. Told me there used to be a tower in Goldenrod City. Like the one in Ecruteak City? Oh, so the Radio Tower used to be that tower. And they found this while doing construction. Interesting. So there’s a Pokemon out there with rainbow wings? I better go and check that out in Ecruteak City. But first I should heal my Pokemon.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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