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Book Review: Red the Phantom Thief Vol. 5

After successfully pulling off a heist and getting one over the middle school Detective Hibiki, Asuka is asked by the drama club to help with a new play. While preparing for the play, she meets a first year student named Minatsu. Let’s just say she’s not the most friendly. Hanasato also makes an appearance in this one which leads Kaito Red into another messy situation.


The character development and interactions were great. Considering this series has several books after it, I was assured that Asuka and Kei were going to be fine but the last fight scene could have ended very bad for her. It seems as though there is more to that organization that was introduced in the last volume, so I’m looking forward to Asuka one day taking them down.


As with the last volume, I recommend this for anyone studying for the N3 or already at the N3 level. These books are set up for middle school kids in Japan so this is good way to ease into reading.

I had to look up 102 words this time and found some interesting ones:

配役(はいやく)=cast of a play
棒読み(ぼうよみ)= reading something in a monotone voice
工場 (はいこうじょう)=abandon in abandon factory
疫病神(やくびょうがみ)=basically someone that is a jinx






I’ll be readingトップ・シークレット (Top Secret) for March. This seems to be around the same reading level as Kaito Red. Plus I’ve been wanting something with spies since Spy x Family finished up last year. I’ve also been reading another book: my first light novel. Look forward to a review on this book and the light novel in the future.

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