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Black History Month Highlight: David Evelyn

日本語の練習 第161週
Japanese Practice Week 161



最後はDavid Evelynです。Davidさんは和英翻訳者で、色々な漫画を翻訳します。ただのマンガではありません。有名な漫画雑誌少年ジャンプです。




You play video games… how do you not know?


A: ねえ、おじさん。一緒にマリオカートやるの?

B: いや。レーシング系ゲームはあまり興味ない。

A: じゃあ、スマブラはどうだ?

B: スマブラってなんだ?

A: あれ?知らないのか?

B: 全然。

A: スマッシュブラザーズ。ちぢめて「スマブラ」と呼んで、ニンテンドーキャラと戦うファイティングゲームだよ。

B: ほんとうか?!そんなゲームがあるのか?

A: うん。

B: ディディーコングはあるの?

A: うん。

B: やる。

A: やった。よし、ちょっとあげようかな。

B: へ〜 負けるつもりじゃないんだ。

[You don’t know?!]

A: Hey, uncle. Wanna play Mario Kart?

B: Nah. I’m not really into racing games.

A: Well, how about Smash Bros?

B: Smash Bros… what’s that?

A: Wait, you don’t know?

B: Not a thing.

A: Smash Brothers. Smash Bros for short. It’s a fighting game with Nintendo characters.

B: Really?! They have a game like that?

A: Yep.

B: Does it have Diddy Kong?

A: Yeah.  

B: I’ll play that.

A: Yay. Alright, I’ll have to teach you a bit.

B: Sure. I don’t plan on losing though.







Flew to Goldenrod City on Toriyama and headed for the radio tower. Are they trying to reach out to Giovanni? Looks like these guys are all over the city too. So they really are here. Well if that guy can take down this organization, then so can I. Time for them to lose to a kid… again. 

One of the Team Rocket members said it was easy to take this place over. What did you expect? You’re not going up against Pokemon trainers. Speaking of trainers, where the heck is Whitney at a time like this? That old geezer was nowhere to be found when Team Rocket was in his town. I thought the Gym Leaders had some kind of authority but I guess not. Still could help out though. Took down all the grunts on the second floor with Rock Lee, Kochou and Uzumaki. Next up is the third floor.

Toriyama was poisoned, so I had to go to the Pokemon Center. After that, I bought some antidotes and super potions from the department store. While fighting a scientist, Hanabi learned another fire type move called Flame Wheel. So he was behind sending that strange radio signal. I’ve gotta put an end to them. There’s a barricade up ahead and only the Director has the key. A lady told me that he is on the fifth floor. I’ll go save him.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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