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Black History Month Hightlight: The Black Experience Japan

日本語の練習 第160週
Japanese Practice Week 160



次は「The Black Experience Japan」(ザ・ブラック・エクスペリエンス・ジャパン)というユーチューブのチャンネルです。僕にとって、日本に住んでいる黒人は珍しいが、このチャンネルもけむしちゃんのチャンネルも安心してくれた。このチャンネルは。。。まあ、日本に住んでいる黒人についてです。色々なことを話します。たとえば、小学校に行くとか黒人のパン屋さんなどです。

このチャンネルも黒人J – POP歌手とのインタビューです。




That moment when your sibling makes you feel old (T_T)


A: ただいま 

B: お帰り、兄ちゃん。あれ?それってもしかして。。。

A: へえへえ。。。うん。スマブラを買った。

B: ついにやるの?

A: こんなゲームをやるなんて、久しぶりだね。何だっけ?DXか?

B: DXは何だ? 

A: え?知らないの?

B: だって、生まれる前なんだから。

A: げー!

B: 大丈夫?

A: うん、大丈夫。ダメージを受けただけだ。

B: ん?

[It can be tough for older siblings]

A: I’m home.

B: Welcome back big bro. Hey is that…

A: Hehhe… yep. I bought Smash Bros.

B: You’re finally gonna play it?

A: It’s been a while since I’ve played this kind of game. What was it called again? Melee?

B: What’s Melee?

A: Eh? You don’t know that one?

B: Well, that’s because it came out before I was born.

A: Ugh!

B: You good?

A: Yeah, I’m fine. I just took some damage.

B: Huh?









Facing off with Jasmine. She uses a type of Pokemon that has recently been discovered. Wonder what steel type is weak against. Fire worked on the ice gym so maybe Hanabi. Her Magnemite was strong but Hanabi was able to take it out with Ember in two shots. She sent out this huge Pokemon named Steelix.

Looks like it might be related to Onix. Hanabi was able to hit it with Ember but she got hurt by Steelix’s Rock Throw move. 

Sent out Static and barraged it with growl to lower its attack. Steelix’s Iron Tail move misses a lot but when it does it packs a punch. If it is related to Onix, then electric type moves will probably be useless. Tried Thunderpunch. As expected, no good. Healed Hanabi with a Hyper Potion and switched her in. As soon as Steelix looked like he was going down, Jasmine used a Hyper Potion. Steelix’s Rock Throw is still super effective but it is a lot weaker thanks to Static.

Her last Pokemon was another Magnemite. Hanabi took it down in one blow. We got the Mineral Badge!

She also gave me TM 23 Iron Tail. Maybe I’ll teach this to Static. Jasmine shyly wished me good luck and I left for the next challenge.Then, I got a call from Professor Elm. Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Station in Goldenrod City?!  

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!

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