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What’s in a Title: Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED



輝く is a verb that means to shine or to light up. もの means thing. When a verb or noun or adjective is put together with もの it usually means “____ thing”. For example, 甘いもの (Sweet thing -> Sweets). So if we put 輝くもの together we get “Shiny thing”.


This means “all”. It also can be seen in it’s kanji form as 全て. Put together with 輝くものすべて can mean “all things that shine”.


金 can mean “money”.  With nouns like this, you will sometimes find it has an お before it. That is just to put some politeness and softness to the words. Women commonly say お金・お酒・お風呂 while men usually drop the お to make it sound rougher from what my Japanese teacher use to tell me.

Anyways, what is really being said here is the word “gold”.


あらず means “it is not so” or “no” or  “never mind”. When put with に it is suggesting that we are talking about something in particular that is not something. When connected with 金 it will mean “it is not gold” or in a shorter term “is not gold”.

So putting everything together we get… “All things that shine is not gold” as a rough translation. However, this sounds awfully familiar to an idiom that I know. So a more accurate translation would be…

This title came from episode 2 of 富豪刑事 バランス:アンリミテッド (The Balance: UNLIMITED part is actually written in English in the original title but I just wanted to type it in katakana) or in English, Millionaire Detective: Balance: UNLIMITED. An anime adaptation of a novel is quite rare. Plus, I like a good mystery so I wanted to check this out. It was a pretty interesting story and the main character shows off his wealth in every episode (he even splurged ¥100,000 to make his own cup ramen company after eating it for the first time.)  

Unfortunately Funimation didn’t translate those when they got it. Checked out Crunchyroll to see if they worked their magic but it’s the same thing I found on Funimation. Must be when they acquired this show from Funimation.

If only we knew what he paid for in these episodes T_T

I gave this anime a 7/10. It was good but it had some problems. Perhaps if it had more episodes to flesh out the characters and the motivations of the antagonist I would have scored it higher. The ending song by OKAMOTO’S is pretty good. Couldn’t find just the ending theme on YouTube so here’s the music video for it.

Kind of reminds me of Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started”.

The opening song by SixTONES is really good, too:

If you are interested, here is a trailer:


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