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Watching MegaMan NT Warrior (ロックマンエグゼ) in Japanese

日本語の練習 第155週
Japanese Practice Week 155






Dreaming in Japanese can be weird.


A: サトシ、どうして早く起きたの?

B: 変な夢を見た。

A: え?変?

B: ラーメン屋でラーメンを食べた。

A: うん。

B: でも、俺のラーメンネジが2本入ってた。

A: え?!もしかして飲んじゃったの?

B: いや。それでは、店長さんに文句を言って、返金してもらった。

A: 変な夢ね。

B: ですよね。

A: 残念ながら。新しいラーメン屋に誘うつもりだったのに。

B: いいよ。行こうよ。

A: え、なんで?変な夢を見たのに。

B: まあ、夢のラーメンはおいしかったよ。

[That Dream was a Little Weird]

A: Satoshi, why are you up so early?

B: I had a weird dream.

A: Weird?

B: I ate ramen at a ramen restaurant.

A: Uh-huh.

B: But my ramen had two screws in it.

A: What? Don’t tell me you swallowed them?

B: Nah. After that, I complained to the manager and got a refund.

A: That was weird.

B: I know, right?

A: That’s too bad. I was going to invite you to that new ramen place.

B: That’s okay. Let’s go.

A: What? Even though you had that weird dream.

B: Well, the ramen in my dream was delicious.








After battling a trainer at the Lake of Rage, he told me about how he met Keiji. Sounds like that guy is still going on about strong Pokemon. Even though he can’t even beat us. Went to the lake and saw a red Gyrados. Huh? Those are usually blue, right? When I approached the red Gyrados, it started to attack.

Static was able to paralyze it with Thunderwave and Kochou lowered its speed with String Shot.  It was hard to catch it but we did it. I’ll name him Uzumaki.

I’ll make sure it gets revenge on Team Rocket. When I got back to land, I met a guy wearing a cape. His name is Lance. So Team Rocket is behind this. And those radio waves are causing the Magikarp to evolve into Gyrados. Lance wants me to help with the investigation, so I guess I have no choice. After I agreed he ran off somewhere.

After a battle with a fisherman, Static evolved into Ampharos and learned Thunderpunch! Nice! I’ve been waiting for this.

Now that we have gotten stronger and added Uzumaki to the team, let’s go take down Team Rocket. But where did Lance run off to?


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