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What’s in a Title: Boruto



From the first kanji 野(の)can mean rustic, field, etc. But in this context it comes from the word wild. The 良(ら)comes from the kanji good, so I’m somewhat confused on how it makes up this word. Maybe they are describing something that can survive in the wild. Nonetheless, together it means “stray”.

If you have watched a certain anime called Noragami or ノラガミ then you may be familiar with this word. Even though Noragami is written in katakana in the show’s title, it means “Stray God”.

ノラガミ = 野良神(のらがみ)


This word just simply means “dog”.

So put all together, you get “Stray Dog”.

Here are my past thoughts on Boruto:

This title comes from the 191st episode of Boruto. The show is good and like how they try to flesh out the story where the monthly manga fails to do (which is understandable since they are monthly and want to stick to the main plot). Especially now since a certain character has appeared that many have been waiting to see in the anime. The last episode’s art was dedicated to the manga art-style which made it pop and look so much better. Unfortunately, they went back to the old art style in this episode.

I’m a bit disheartened that they gave us something like that and then went right back to the usual art. I like this but I love the other art style that reflects the manga’s art. Besides if they did that every week, I’m pretty sure that would turn out to be a problem in a production sense. Speaking of Boruto, the manga chapter for this month has come out and I better go read it after this since it’s the aftermath of a fight.

As of now, it seems Boruto is starting to do some interesting things starting this year. We have the Sasuke Retsuden arc which has a manga adaptation in the works. Plus, we’ll be back to more manga canon episodes after that arc is done.


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