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What’s in a Title: Haganai



This is a pronoun usually used for guys. For example, you can see that I use it quite a bit in this blog. It just means “I”.

This is a particle that just means “is”. It is used during to put focus on what is being talked about. So, for example with 僕 it can mean “I am”.


Let’s split up these two kanji. 友 can be derived as a friend, or a companion. 達 is an interesting kanji that allows us to put a plural touch on people and animals. So together it just means “friends”

Like は, が is another particle that can show what object you are talking about in a sentence. In other words, が is acting upon the word for friends.


The kanji少 from 少ない can mean “small”, or “little”, or “few”. In this context it is best to go with “few” instead of the other translations.

So together you have 僕は友達が少ない ⇒ I Have a Few Friends.

So, the translation by Funimation is Haganai I Don’t Have Many Friends. The Haganai comes from the end of some words from the Japanese title.

友達 ない => boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai

This is the first anime that I watched subbed. It didn’t have an English dub at the time but I wanted to watch it because it seemed fun. This is probably the only show that I have watched subbed and then dubbed afterwards for both seasons. I have watched the first season without subtitles on Animelon this year as well.

On another note, the only thing that bothers me about this show is that it never got a conclusion. The light novels have not been translated officially into English. Plus, there is a slim chance they are going to do another season after so many (10?) years even though the material has been done for so long.

Here’s an excerpt from a past rant about the manga and the light novels:

They have a manga but the art style kind of throws me for a loop. If I get into the manga, it will just take getting used to but, I prefer to read the light novels. If my Japanese gets better, I wonder if I could read it in its original language instead.

I started reading the manga volumes in Japanese last year. The art-style took some time to get used to but this seems to be the only way for me to finish the story right now. At my current level the light novels seem like a daunting task so the manga is a great option.

If you’re interested in finishing this series, you can find them all on Bookwalker. In fact, it is on sale till January 5th so it’s the perfect time to get some of the volumes.


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