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Language Learning with Zento

日本語の練習 第148週
Japanese Practice Week 148



先週のポストZentoさんのTwitchのことを話しました。だからこそ、今週はZentoさんのYoutubeチャネルについて話したいと思います。特にこのHallow Knightについての動画です。

Hallow Knightを全然やっていませんけど、このゲームでZentoさんはイマージェンランニングを教えてもらいます。日本語を勉強なら、イマージョンは興味深いですけど、ネイティブなゲーム、テレビ、本などが勉強になります。それでは、この動画を見てください。

N3 文法


while, before, doing

V(Dict form) + うちに
V(ない form) + うちに
V(てform) + いるうちに
いーAdj + うちに
なーAdj + なうちに
N + のうちに

There are two ways to use this grammar. I’ll split it up when I get to the example sentences.

For the first way, it is used to say you are doing something while something else is happening. Like eating ramen while it’s still hot.

Ex: 勝ったばかりの新作ポケモンゲームを見つめ返すうちに、仕事に行きます。

(While looking back at the new Pokemon game that I just bought, I went to work.)

Ex: 雪が降らないうちに、ドライブしようか?

(Let’s go for a drive while the snow has stopped falling.)

Ex: 帰り道に散歩をしているうちに雨が降り出した。

(It rained while I was walking home.)

Ex: 鉄は熱いうちに打て。

(Strike while the iron’s hot.)

Ex: リンゴは新鮮なうちに食べてね。

(Eat the apples while they are fresh.)

Ex: 若い人のうちに夢を探したほうがいいよ。(It’s best to look for your dream job when you are young.)

The second way to use this grammar is stating you are doing something before something occurs.

Ex: 知らないうちに、もうポケモンを20匹捕まえた。

(I caught 20 Pokemon before I realized it.)


for that reason, no wonder, as you’d expect

This is used to express something that seems so obvious when looking at it logically.

V(Plain form) + わけだ
いーAdj + わけだ
なーAdj + なわけだ
N + な/である + わけだ

Ex: 日本語の話す力上手くなりたいから、毎日日本人と日本語を勉強している人と話しているわけだ

(Because I want my Japanese speaking ability to improve, as you’d expect, I talk to Japanese people and people who are studying Japanese every day.)

Ex: インフレーションがあったので、物価が高いわけだ。 

(Because of inflation, prices are high.)

Ex: 友達は日本で日本語を5年勉強している、日本語が上手なわけだ

(My friend has been studying Japanese in Japan for 5 years, so of course their Japanese is good.)

Ex: 彼女は毎月アメリカから中国まで旅行している。金持ちなわけだ

(She travels to China from America every month. It’s only natural that she’s rich.)

This grammar can also be used to say “in other words” also known as つまり which can be used together in a sentence.

Ex: テストがある。つまり、明日の将棋の大会に出られないわけです

(I have a test. So, there’s no way I can participate in tomorrow’s Shogi tournament.)


Good luck to those who are taking the JLPT exam in December.


A: お、ソラ。何してるの?

B: こんにちは、エリ。勉強さ。エリは?

A: 休みなんだから、ゲームをやろうと思って。

B: いいな。あたしもゆっくりしたいけど、勉強しなくちゃ。

A: 何を勉強してるの?

B: 日本語能力試験。

A: あ、難しそうだね。

B: まあ、楽しいけれど、ちょっと難しいよ。大阪に住んでいたから、関西弁が話せる。

A: あ、確かに。標準語は大変だね。でもうまくなりそうだと思う。

B: ありがとう。

A: どんな試験なの?

B: N3の試験。いい先生だけど、授業は大変。でも、たくさん学べるけどね。

A: それはいいね。いつ試験を受ける?

B: 12月4日。

A: じゃあ、手伝おうか?

B: いいの?ありがとう。

[Preparing for the exam]

A: Oh, Sora. What are you up to?

B: Hey there, Eri. Studying. How about you?

A: Have a break from school and work so I think I’ll play a game.

B: Must be nice. I want to take it easy, too. But I gotta study.

A: What are you studying for?

B: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 

A: That looks difficult.

B: Well, it’s fun but it is a little hard. I lived in Osaka so I can only speak Kansai ben.

A: Oh, you’ve got a point there. Standard Japanese can be challenging. You have gotten better with it though.

B: Thanks.

A: So which level are you taking?

B: N3. I have a good teacher but the classes are tough. I am learning a lot though.

A: Well that’s good. When do you take it?

B: December 4th.

A: Well, how about I help.

B: You sure? I appreciate it.





ここに穴がいっぱいある。深さに興味があるので、つい飛び出てしまった。地下室に到着した。なんか怖い。三匹のポケモンがいた。普通のポケモンではないみたい。もしかして。。。伝説のポケモンや!あ、逃げた。待って。。。出てどうやって。助かった〜 ラダーがある。観光もええや。



After healing my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center in Ecruteak City, I saw a burned down tower. The sign said it was dangerous to go inside, but there must be some Pokemon in there. The moment I entered the building, I saw Keiji. Supposedly there is a legendary Pokemon here. He thinks he’ll be the world’s strongest trainer if he has one. Those kinds of Pokemon sound cool and all but, to be honest I’m not interested in catching one. Beating one in battle sounds more fun. 

His team has gotten a bit stronger but they were no match for mine. Then after losing he says I wouldn’t be able to catch one since I’m so weak. Such a sore loser. Caught a Pokemon called Koffing and named it Murasaki.

There’s a lot of holes in this place. Got curious about how deep it was, so I jumped. I fell to the basement. Kinda scary. There were these three Pokemon. They didn’t look like run of the mill Pokemon. Are they Legendary Pokemon? Wait… how do I get out of here? Thank goodness there’s a ladder here. I think that’s enough sightseeing for me.

Time to face off with the Gym leader of this city. Wonder what Pokemon they have.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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