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What’s in a Title: Rin-chan Wants to Flirt



As you can guess this is a person’s name with a suffix attached to show closeness to the character. Her name is Rin-chan. It is the same character that you can see on the right of this love umbrella drawn on the chalkboard.

Another easy guess here. This is a subject particle. It can be translated to “is”. However in this sense it is just being used to set Rin as the topic of this title.


Now here comes some harder stuff. It can either mean a meal set in front of someone or it can mean a woman’s advances.


This is changed in conjugation of the verb to do, する, to take on the たいーform. So together with 据え膳, it can mean “wants to make advances” or in a less boring way “wants to flirt”.

So all together it is translated to “Rin-chan Wants to Flirt”.

This image is from a web manga on Comic Walker that I tried (and somewhat failed) to read about a year ago. From what I gleaned from the first chapter’s few pages, the student りんちゃん is interested in her math teacher and tries many comical ways to woo him. Alas, it tends to fail. They have a lot more on these kinds of sites so I might give them a shot. Besides since they are web manga, they are supported legally on these sites.

Here’s a PV from Kadokawa:


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