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Book Review: 恐怖コレクター

Happy Halloween🎃! For my October book, I wanted to read something a little spooky. So, 恐怖コレクター (Fear Collector) was the book that I picked.

This story is written by Midori Sato (佐東みどり) and Norio Tsuruta (鶴田法男). The illustrations are done by Yon (よん).


The book was a collection of 6 stories. From a weird cat to creepy things showing up in photos, you might be able to find some interesting stories within this one volume. The short story design of this book keeps you engage and wanting to know what will happen next.

It has a Goosebumps kind of feel to it. Some plots are resolved and the others are left with the reader wondering what happens next. There is one thing that this series of books may have: an overarching plot over a series of books.

Unlike other books I’ve read from Tsubasa Bunko (like 怪盗レッド), this book doesn’t have just one plot and resolution in a single volume. A mysterious boy is going from town to town searching for sites of fear and collecting it in a book (hence the name of the book). He’s also searching for someone. Who is this boy? Who’s he looking for? Why does he collect these things in his book? How does he know where to show up? Majority of these questions are left unanswered which pulls the reader into finding out in the rest of the series.

If you like spooky stuff with a mysterious vibe to it, then I would recommend this book.


Compared to books I’ve read in the past, this one was fairly easy to follow. Rarely had to look up many words (about 61 words). Then again that may be due to me getting better at reading and the harder books I’ve been reading. I did find some spooky vocabulary like:

怨霊(おんりょう)= revengeful ghost
甲高い(かんだかい)= high pitched, shrill (like a scream)
異様(いよう)= strange, bizarre

I also found a weird word, クラクション (Klaxon), in one of the stories which just means a car horn. The grammar is around the same level as 怪盗レッド but I found this book to be easier due to how fast I got through it.

Due to it being 6 short stories, I found it easier to read and digest. Plus the suspense and curiosity added to the reason why I finished this book faster.



Next Book

For my next book, I’ll be reading another Detective Conan novel. But not just any Detective Conan novel. The season is now Autumn so, this is the perfect time to read this one. It is called Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter.

There is a manga version but I really want to read it in a light novel format. I watched the movie last year and even wrote about it one of my What’s in a Title’s (you can find that here). I recall the plot quite a bit, but I’m looking forward to reading this book. It will be a blast.

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