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What’s in a title: Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki


This can mean something or other or this or that.


The てーform of the verb to say 言う. Together with なんだかんだ it creates a phrase that means “No matter what anyone says”

Example: なんだかんだ言っても、科学がすごいです。(No matter what anyone says, science is awesome.)

In this case the particle means “even if”. So maybe in a more literal sense this would translate to – “Even if you say this or that”. They don’t put the も particle which I’ll assume is to make it sound more casual. 

As you progress in your Japanese and start talking more casually, you find that particles get dropped quite a lot.


This is the な adjective for the word “famous”. Interesting thing about this adjective is the kanji. The first kanji can mean something like to possess and the second kanji can mean reputation. You could say that famous people or a famous thing can “possess” a certain “reputation”.


A loan word from English that means “game”. As you go on in your studies you are bound to find more loan words from English and other countries (like Germans アルバイト for part time job).

有名なゲーム then means “famous game” when put together.

Just a particle that means “is” or “are”.


A frequency word. It is a way of saying something is generally, almost or mostly, etc this or that. It is usually written in kana, so I find it a bit off putting that they put in kanji here.


And last but not least we have very familiar い adjective which means “interesting”

So after breaking this down let’s put all back together again.

“No matter what anyone says, a famous game is generally fun”

And Funimation has translated this title to “Say what you want; famous games are usually fun”.


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