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What’s in a Title: Detective Conan



This is the name of one of the character’s in this anime called Detective Conan. Her name is Ayumi.

As you may know, this is the possession particle. So we put this together with Ayumi’s name and we have (Ayumi’s).


The first kanji 絵 can mean painting or picture while the last two kanji 日記 means diary or journal (as you may also know from the Pokemon Nuzlocke segment.) Together they make the word picture diary. I remember making something akin to this when I was back in elementary school. I can’t really remember what I drew or talked about though.


The first two kanji 事件 means a case or an incident. The last kanji 簿 can mean record book or register. However in this context I think it is best to translate this as a “case file”. Especially since Detective Conan’s main character is a Sherlockian (a fan of Sherlock Holmes), I think this fits quite well.

So, all together we have The Case File of Ayumi’s Picture Diary. Now let’s check out the result from Crunchyroll…

And there we are. This was probably the one of the best episodes involving the Detective Boys in a while. Every episode is always fun to find out who the culprit is based on clues and deduction. Most importantly, the main story is great.

Unfortunately, a good chunk of the episodes are anime originals like this episode. Some are good and some are just plain bizarre or the motive seems odd. Nonetheless, it is still one of my favorite anime to this day, so you’ll be seeing more of these in What’s in a Title.


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