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What’s in a Title: Sweetness and Lightning


愛情ー (あいじょー)
You may notice the first Kanji of this compound Kanji, 愛. While the second Kanji means “feelings” or “emotion”. Together this compound Kanji means “love” or “affection” towards another person. The hyphen at the end is used to just lengthen out the last sound じょ.

This word is used to say that something is plenty or there is a lot of it. I like to think of it as a colloquial term derived from たくさん which means the same thing.


This is a food called Okonomiyaki. It’s kind of like a pancake mixed with toppings. お好み can mean “how you like” while the 焼き is that means “cooking”. Especially if you are frying something. So you are cooking something how you like.

Together we have something like “Okonomiyaki Filled with Love”.

People usually say that love is an important ingredient in cooking. In other words, the more care you take into your cooking the more delicious the dish will be. Just make sure to follow the recipe, though (Don’t wash the rice with soap like Himeji from Baka to Test. : )

This title is brought to you by 甘々と稲妻 (Sweetness and Lightning). A sweet show with a lot of good food. An adorable show about a single father and his daughter. He can’t really cook but he wants to give his daughter the foods she had when her mother was alive. Fortunately, he finds someone to teach him how. But it ends up being a student from the high school he teaches.

I recall winning a loot anime box from Crunchyroll a few years ago and the first volume was in there. I like it so much my sister has bought me quite a few of the volumes. They even have recipes in the books, so perhaps in the future my sister and I can enjoy these recipes as well.

Here’s a PV if you are interested:


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