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Book Review: 少年探偵団 | Detective Boys


Detective Boys by Edogawa Ranpo had many enjoyable moments from start to finish. It was a battle of wits between Twenty Faces and Akechi Kogoro. I do wish that the Detective Boys were able to do more as a team like in the beginning of the book.

It was great to see where Detective Conan’s Detective Boys got there namesake and badges from. The gadgets that they had were interesting as well. Like the fountain pen flashlight.


This was my first time reading an old book so it was difficult to follow in some parts. Luckily this Aoitori version that I bought on Bookwalker has furigana. I didn’t look up that many words this time and used context to understand what was going on.

If you’d like to listen to it being read to you, luckily there is a YouTube channel that has read this book. I left comments on the videos for this story with timestamps on when each chapter starts. This version of the book does have more chapters but majority of the chapter names and content are the same.

I did find some interesting phrases/words such as:

  • 立(たち)ちすくむ:To be petrified
  • 片言(かたこと):broken language, imperfect speech
  • 狐(きつね)につままれる:to be bewitched by a fox, to be confused
  • 鳩(はと)が豆鉄砲(まめでっぽう)を食(く)ったよう:like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter (in other words like a deer in headlights, or wide-eyed in shock)




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