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Book Review: Detective Conan – Black Organization Selection


When I saw this book on my second trip to Kinokuniya, I hurried up and grabbed it off the shelf. If you haven’t notice by now, I’m a huge fan of Detective Conan. This novel is separated into three cases involving the Black Organization. The following is the list of the cases with their respective episode and volume they are from:

  1. Reunion with the Black Organization (Ep. 176 – 178, Vol. 24 Files 7-11 )
  2. On the Trail of a Silent Witness (Ep. 309 – 311, Vol. 37 File 5 – Vol. 37 File 7)
  3. Contact with the Black Organization (Ep. 309 – 311, Vol. 37 File 8 – Vol. 38 File 1)

It was fun to read the majority of the book while being able to remember majority of the plot from when I watched it about 7 years ago. The third section wasn’t as enjoyable as the first and second due to it following up on the peak that occurred in the second section of the book.

Overall, I’m happy to make this my first ever physical novel.


This will be the first and (hopefully) last time I underestimate a book just because it has furigana. This book has furigana but, the vocabulary was kind of hard. Especially around the deduction parts. You can probably piece the deduction together with context clues but have a dictionary just in case.

Majority of the grammar was relatively easy to understand. Found some interesting technology words and even a voicemail template that I can use.

Overall, this is the hardest book I’ve ever read.




Since I enjoyed this mystery novel, my next book will be 少年探偵団 (Detective Boys) by 江戸川乱歩 (Edogawa Ranpo).

It’s a lot shorter than the book I read for this month but it appears to be interesting. Plus, it looks a bit spoopy so its the perfect thing to end the summer off with.



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