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Book Review: デジモンアドベンチャーLAST EVOLUTION絆・Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

FIRST IMPRESSION: Nostalgic yet bittersweet

My first impression of the novel was that it has nostalgia, but it’s a little bittersweet tale of growing up and finding your way in the world.


This series was one of my first anime (and most likely my first isekai).

I haven’t seen the movie that this novel is adapted from, but thanks to this, I think I will. This novel portrays how it can be hard to be an adult at times, but it encourages us to move forward into the future. That’s the kind of message I got at least. I did want the digiDestined from Adventure 02 to play a bigger role but that’s okay.

Speaking of Adventure 02, it seems to undermine the ending where the cast is even older than they are now and they still have their digimon. Perhaps they are putting into consideration that at this time in the novel they thought they’d never see their partner again once they have disappeared. However, if I take into consideration that they end up seeing their digimon again someday, it might check out.

Overall, I had a good time with this novel.


The Mirai Bunko version was made for kids in mind so it is a good read if you are around N3 level. Plus it has furigana which makes it easier to look up words in a dictionary. The Dash-X version is also available for more advanced readers.

There are some vocabulary that is a bit more advanced but with a dictionary (I use the Takoboto app). Found many new words like ブレます(to blur an image from moving the camera)猶予期間(grace period)and 専門的(technical). The grammar was fairly easy.

If you’d like to see a coming of age story or you are familiar with the original Digimon Adventure, then this book might a good choice for you.





If you are interested in this version of the book, you can find it on BOOK★WALKER.


For my next book I’ll be reading 名探偵コナン 黒ずくめの組織セレクション 黒の策略 (Detective Conan: The Black Organization Collection).

Bought it at a bookstore called Kinokuniya while I was in Texas.
Look forward to me talking about that trip in a couple of weeks.


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