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PLAY-ASIA + キングダムハーツ +Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

日本語の練習 第133週

Japanese Practice Week 133


Hello everyone! Starting off this week talking about my experience with Play-Asia. Going over the usual N3 stuff. Translating an article about the new Pokemon game with a few comments. Find out what a 天邪鬼 is doing in an anime called Dororo. Plus, watch Kyuusei get creeped out by some bugs in his journey through Johto.With that being said, let’s continue.



大学で日本語を勉強してるとき、日本語ができる男を会いました。僕は彼に「どうやってうまくできるのか」と聞いました(やはり、英語で聞いました)。答えは「キングダムハーツをやる」。それだけです。ゲームしたばかりでした。あのときさえイマージョンのことを考えなかったです。そして、このブログでキングダムハーツを翻訳したり、「Paradigm Shifter」の実況を見たり、日本語を説明するあと、日本版のキングダムハーツをやっと買いました。

PLAY-ASIA に初めて注文を出して荷物が無事届きました。22日かかりましたけど、ついに来てよかった。

N3 文法


as a result

You can use this grammar to state something that you or someone else has done. Then you can express result of that action in another sentence or phrase after it.

Sentence 1 + その結果 + Sentence  2

Ex: 彼は家を掃除せず、一日中ゲームばかりしていましたその結果ゲーム機を禁止された。

(He played video games all day without cleaning the house. As a result, he got his game console taken away.)

Ex: これ以上はやりすぎたらその結果どうなるかも見越したのか?

(Did you foresee the consequences (the result) if you take it that far?)


very unlikely to

Use this when you think that something absolutely won’t occur.

V[drop ます] + そうもない

Ex: この状況は楽しくなれそうもないけど、やるしかないなあ。

(It’s very unlikely this is going to be fun but, I have to do it.)

Ex: 被疑者の中に、「あいつ」なんていりそうもないけど、真犯人をあふりだす手掛かりを見つかないと。

(Among all the suspects, it’s highly unlikely for “them” to be the culprit. However, I have to find a clue that will lead me to the true culprit. )

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS

To invite

招=beckon, invite, summon, engage
待=wait, depend on

This verb is an invitation for someone to be a guest to a location or an event. I like to think of this as someone waiting or anticipating someone to reply to their invite. It has the nuance of making a request to someone to go to something. Like a wedding or in the case of Nisekoi: a party.

記事を読もう/LET’S READ

新たなポケモン公開で話題 伝説のコライドン&ミライドンら5匹「かわいい!」「ド派手」

On the first of this month, new information about the new addition to the popular game series “Pokemon” , “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet” for the Nintendo Switch has been announced. The announcement came with the game’s release date November 18th and a few designs of the Pokemon you will encounter. When the new Pokemon were revealed, the internet commented on how cute and cool they are.

The new Legendary Pokemon in this game are Koraidon and Miraidon. You can meet Koraidon or Miraidon in Scarlet and Violet, respectively.

Besides these Legendary Pokemon, 3 new Pokemon were revealed. The electric type mouse Pokemon Pawmi, the normal type pig Pokemon Lechonk, and the grass/normal type olive Pokemon Smoliv.

The reactions on the net were things like “I’m hyped for this! I’m gonna get Miraidon!!”, “The legendary Pokemon sure do look flashy!” and “Hey, which one is everyone going to buy? I really like Koraidon”.

A new gen Pokemon game hasn’t been released since Pokemon Sword and Shield 3 years ago back in 2019. With this new game, it will be the series first ever open, richly rendered world where trainers can freely explore, and enjoy encounters with Pokémon and people they have not yet seen.

The three new starters that will join trainers on their journey first will be the grass cat Pokemon Sprigatito, the fire crocodile Pokemon Fuecoco, or the duckling Pokemon Quaxly.

It’s been a while, so here are some comments:

I was a bit surprised to see that it was 3 years between the first gen and gold/silver. Felt longer than that.

It’s probably because I got hooked on the first gen and was anticipating the release of gold and silver while reading about it in Corocoro back then.

My mother pre-ordered it and let me get it as an early birthday present. I recall riding on my bike with the game in the basket rushing to get home to play it.

Wish I could have that excitement again…

Don’t see a reason to buy it. Wonder if we’ll be able to use Dynamax, Mega-Evolutions, and Z-Moves like we can in ranked matches.

It’d be great to use all of them with new animations.

真冬のクリスマスにタケノコ掘りする人 (A person digging for bamboo shoots on a mid-winter Christmas):
If you look closely, it looks like Koraidon has a motorcycle wheel in it’s chest. While Miraidon has a spaceship like design.

Wonder if they’ll change into some kind of vehicle when they change form.

With that pattern the third Legendary should be…


Those were some interesting comments. That one username about the bamboo shoots are hilarious. Looks as if fans have some high expectations with this one. I don’t know if they’ll be able to put all those new evolutions and features from other games in this one.

But wow! An open world Pokemon game. I guess Arceus was the bridge for that.

The localization for these new Pokemon names are awesome. Never thought I’d see chonk and smol in Pokemon names XD. It is great that they kept the legendary Pokemon’s names alone. Seems like we’re going to have a battle between eras with this one.

Considering it’s my favorite color, I’m definitely going with Scarlet.

November 18th… I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully you are as well.


The time has come… to play Kingdom Hearts in Japanese!


















[It’s finally here]


A:Huh? Who’s that? Hey, Izumi. I have my hands full. Can you get the door?

B: No problem.

A:Oh, it was the mailman. What’s this?

B: This? It’s my package. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.

A: It’s good that you finally got it. What did you buy?

B: Kingdom Hearts III.

A: What? I thought you bought it when it came out?

B:I did, but I couldn’t play it in Japanese, so I bought this.

A:Oh, I see. Kingdom Hearts is so popular, it must be weird not to be able to switch languages.

B: I know, right? Well, it’s fine, though. Wanna play..

A:Sure, if Donald heals Sora, we’ll switch.

B:Let’s do a level 1 playthrough.

A:Isn’t that overdoing it?

B:Oh, you got a point. I haven’t played a game like this in a while, so I’ll pass on that for now. I’ll just go with Proud Mode. Can you keep up?

A:It’ll be easy.




Just your typical episode counter. This is Episode 19 from the show.


If we separate each kanji we get something like heavenly (天【あま】)evil (邪【じゃ】)demon (鬼【く】). I think I will go with Amanojyaku here.

This is a name of a yokai. From what I gleamed from there, these yokai are known to make humans act upon their wicked desires that are buried deep within their hearts. However, in this episode it makes everyone say the opposite of what they truly want to say.

The の is just a particle that connects to the next word. It’s most likely going to be given a possesive (Amanojyaku’s) or used as a descriptive (The ____ of Amanojyaku).


When I see this kanji it makes think of the counter for books 巻(かん). It also makes me think of the verb 巻き込む to roll up or get someone involved in something. Considering this anime has a self contained story in each episode, I think it would be best to go with something like story or tale.

Yeah, tale sounds like a good idea. We are talking about a yokai from Japanese folklore, so why not.

Episode 19
The Tale of the Amanojyaku

Good. This title comes from an anime called Dororo. It is a tale about a boy taking back his body from the demons his father struck a deal with to make his land prosper. Yes another “Dad of the year” in the making here (and just before Father’s Day). This boy grows up and fights these demons with blades for arms. As he goes on this journey, he soon meets a kid named Dororo (title drop).

Together they go on quest to retrieve Hyakkimaru’s body. However, when Hyakkimaru get’s a part of his body back from the clutches of the demons, it doesn’t bode too well for his father’s land. Let’s just say a family reunion occurs of some sort.

If you are interested in the anime, you can find it on Amazon Prime.

And if that paragraph wasn’t enough to persuade you, here’s a PV:







It turns out different Pokemon show up at night. Fought this creepy looking bug Pokemon called Spinarak. Found this cool looking Pokemon called Hoothoot. I caught Kochou here, so I can’t catch it. Maybe I’ll be able to find it somewhere else. According to Pokedex, it looks like I can. 

A Spinarak poisoned Shinobu. Wait… every step I take hurts her?! I can’t get to a Pokemon Center like this. Oh, that’s right. I have an antidote. Gave it to her and she was fine. Thank goodness I had that. Maybe I should buy some at the Mart next time. Alright, that’s enough training. 

We fought this kid who likes bugs next. If only Hanabi knew a fire type move. Pretty sure that’s their weak point. Maybe Toriyama could take them down with a flying type move when he learns one. Eh? Oh shoot it’s mom… eh? S-she’s not mad that I left without saying anything. She asked if I wanted her to save some money for me. That might come in handy so I’ll have her do that.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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