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Tried Language Immersion with my Smartphone + Beginning of Kyuusei’s Journey in Johto!

日本語の練習 第127週

Japanese Practice Week 127


Hello everyone! There’s a bunch of deals for video games and books so I hope that Golden Week has been good to you. Starting off with some language immersion tips that I got from Chad Zimmerman and how I took on one of them.

Check out Conan throwing a baseball in the biweekly article. If Detective Conan’s not your style then, I’ll be talking about an anime in What’s in a Title. And lastly a new Pokemon Nuzlocke begins. With that being said, let’s continue.








N3 文法


while, during

Used to express two actions being done at the same time. The first action brought up in the sentence is then followed up with the second. 

When using 間に, one of the actions are usually shorter than the other. Like brushing your teeth while listening to the radio.

間 by itself is used to express two actions taken place in the same time period. 

On another note, this grammar can also be used to show a relationship between things. I’ll try to make it easier in the sentences so you can see the difference.

V(ーている Form)+間/間に+V2
いーAdj +間/間に+V
なーAdj +間/間に+V

Ex: 郵便屋さんは、ルームメイトが出かけている間に、小包をとでけました。

  (The delivery driver was able to deliver a package while my roommate was out.)

Ex: 長い間働いたあとで、帰ってゲームをしたいです。

  (After a long day at work, I want to go home and play video games.)

Ex: 暇な間、やりたいことをしたほうがいいですよ。

  (You should do what you want while you have free time.)

Ex: 直太くんが留守の間に、家を片付けた。

  (While Naota was out, we cleaned up the house.)

Ex: 彼の意見は、日本語能力と勉強した時間の間には密接な関連があるということだった。

  (His opinion is that there is a close relation between Japanese ability and time spent studying.) 


focused on, centered on

This means to focus on something or have it be the center of something. 
After を中心に、 it is common to end it with either する or とする
(including した・して and とした・として respectively).

N + を中心に
N +を中心として
N +を中心とした
N +を中心とする

Ex: ねぇ、聞いてる。地球はお前を中心として回ってないよ。

  (Hey did you hear? The world doesn’t revolve around you.)

Ex: このノベルはゲーマーカップルを中心とする

  (This novel focuses on a gamer couple.) 

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS

left and right;to assert (control, dominance, influence)


This verb is straightforward. It can be used with a verb to mean something is done in both directions. Like Killua saying that someone is coming (来る)from left and right(左右). You can also find it in sentences like:

左右を見る=Look left and right

However there is another way to use this as a verb. With する, you can make it a verb to mean to affect the outcome of something. Like winning or losing a game. Or the daily battle in a bakery that Cocoa has to deal with (more so on Chino’s part of course).

And if you use the passive form of する, which is される, it can mean to depend on or to subject to. Like Koro sensei’s abilities with his tentacles depends on his mental state. Or how a D-mail works.

A good way to understand this second meaning is probably to imagine someone moving a thing left and right. They are “controlling” how it moves.

記事を読もう/LET’S READ

名探偵コナンくんが巨人戦始球式で大暴投! ジャビットも捕れず…

Conan Throws a Wild First Pitch at the Giants Game!
Even Giabitt Couldn’t Catch it…

Conan Edogawa, the main character from the popular manga “Detective Conan”, was threw the first pitch of the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers game at Tokyo Dome on April 29th.

Donning the number “2022” uniform Conan took the field where he was greeted with a grand applause from the stands. The Giant’s Mascot Giabitt appeared as the catcher, which created a unique battery between the two costumed players.

However, the pitch Conan threw with all his might missed the batter’s box by a large margin. In another sense, the crowd went wild.

Conan’s good at soccer in the manga but, even though they are similar, he might not be good at baseball.

In Japanese the word “技” means ball game. It is usually referenced to sports like baseball, soccer, and tennis. I wouldn’t really say they are similar but man seeing Conan throw this baseball was funny.

I’m not really into sports but when I was saw that photo of someone in a Conan costume I just had to check this out for myself.

Let’s take a look at some comments.

When I was waiting to go eat out I took a look at this and was disappointed. Conan’s been very active, so I don’t get it. The recent broadcasts seem to not have no pizazz to them, as if they have lost their way. TV has past it’s prime so it can’t be helped. Then again it doesn’t matter since I don’t watch it but it’s piss poor.

I bet Amuro Touru could do it.
“I’ll do it, old man!”

To be able to throw it that far in that costume is amazing.

The live-action Conan isn’t just mature on the inside but on the outside too, huh.

How much field of vision do they have in that costume?

I can see why the first comment was down voted so much. Just… wow. Nonetheless, this was a fun article to translate.


Looks like Hibiki and Rei has some advice for Kyuusei.


響: 久しぶりだな、零。冒険はどうだ?

零: 楽しかった。イナズマたちは家でゆっくりしている。今、俺はマリオをやってる。後で、別の冒険するかもしれないさ。



響: 調子乗るな。※調子乗った※

零: 作戦。※キョウとバトルを後悔した※

救世: え。。。それだけ。な、二人とも。レッドのことを知るのか?彼になりたいと思う。


響: あいつの名前を言うな!


救世: あ、わかった。あの人に負けなかったな、響。

響: ああ。勝ったぞ。




[Advice for Kyuusei]

Hibiki: It’s been a while, Rei. How’s your adventure going?

Rei: It was fun. I’m relaxing with Inazuma and the others at home. I’m playing Mario right now. I’ll probably on a another adventure later.

Hibiki: Alright. Oh, who’s this guy?

Kyuusei: Yo. The name’s Kyuusei. Nice to meet ya. I’m going to be a Pokemon trainer so if you guys have any advice, it’d be appreciated.

Hibiki: Don’t get carried. ※Got carried away a lot during his adventure※

Rei: Strategy. ※Regrets his battle with Koga※

Kyuusei: Uh… that’s it. Hey, guys. Do you know a trainer named Red. I think I want to be like him. (*Stepped on a land mine*)

Rei: I’m from a different world so I don’t know ’em. That name’s a bit… right, Hibiki, ugh-
(Oh crap, Hibiki’s face is scary…)

Hibiki: Don’t say that guy’s name!

Rei: Uh… sorry about that. Hibiki and Red are kinda…

Kyuusei: Ah, I gotcha. You didn’t lose to him, right Hibiki?

Hibiki: Yeah. I beat him.

Kyuusei: Then I’ll do that, too. See ya.

Rei: Hey, wait- and he’s gone. Hey, Hibiki, he’s gonna be alright, right?

Hibiki: Beats me. It’s up to him to figure that out.




The interesting thing about kanji is that you could even make your own name from it. Well as long as it is a reasonable length. I talked about it a bit here. As you can see from the katakana I provided this is someone’s name, Romio. Or Romeo if you want to go into the Shakespearean name.

From what I can see from their respective kanji, they don’t really make sense. Unless it has something to do with the plot that occurs in the story.

Considering it is connected to a noun (Romio’s name) this can either be “with Romio” or “Romio and”. Considering this is giving “Romeo & Juliet” vibes, I think it would be best to go with the latter.


Now onto to the meat of this segment. By itself 監督 means something like a director while 生 (at least the せい reading) can mean life (from words like 人生 or 生活), student (from words like 学生 or 生徒). In a way you could think of this as a position where you are “directing” students. In other words keeping the order of their “lives” as they go to school.

Which makes sense considering the dictionary word is “prefect”. Kinda bringing back Harry Potter memories but considering what this anime is about, it’s not too much of a long shot to say the word has some European feel to it.

So in all, I’d translate this as:

#8 Romio & the Prefect

Simple. This title is from the anime Boarding School Juliet or 寄宿学校のジュリエット. It takes the Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet and put many spins on it to make it it’s own unique story.

As a sign of “friendliness” between the two countries the schools were built close to the other. First years Romio Inazuka and Juliet Persia are from these two different boarding schools and hold a leadership role within their respective schools. They’ve been fighting ever since they were kids. However Romio would like to change that. Together they decide to start a relationship that will shake both countries in hopes to change their world.

The story was interesting enough that I might end up reading the manga. And it is complete so I don’t have to worry about catching up to the latest chapter and finding out they are on hiatus or it’s been cancelled.

It’s a nice rom-com with a dash of seriousness every now and then.

Here’s a PV:


Since it’s Golden Week in Japan, let’s start the Pokemon Gold Nuzlocke!




Had a strange dream. I was having a Pokemon battle with Red. Me? Fight that guy? I don’t even have a Pokemon. I go downstairs and my mother hands me my repaired PokeGear. Looks like Prof. Elm wants to see me. His last experiment is what damaged my PokeGear in the first place. Oh, he wants me to run an errand. Alright, we made a deal. I go meet this Mr. Pokemon guy and he’ll let me have a Pokemon. Sweet. This fire one looks cool so I’ll take this Pokemon called Cyndaquil. Oh, it’s a girl. I’ll name her Hanabi.

I noticed a draft in the lab. Oh it’s coming from the window. Guess the professor wants it cold in here. Welp, gotta go earn my keep. Oh right, where does he live… near Cherrygrove Town. Gotcha. After receiving Prof. Elm’s number I was going to leave but Elm’s assistant stopped me and gave me a Potion. They sure are busy here. Elm really needs to get more employees since it’s just the two of them. 

Before I left town, I noticed this red headed guy. Does he want a Pokemon, too? I walk up to him and he’s muttering something. “So this is the famous Elm Pokemon lab”. I told him he’s not really that famous and before I knew it, he sent me flying. Oh… okay. Nope, I don’t have time to fight. I’ve gotta run this errand. If he’s still here, then I’ll kick his ass.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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