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Learning Kansai-ben + Kingdom Hearts 4 + End of Rei’s Journey

日本語の練習 第125週

Japanese Practice Week 125


Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to learn Kansai-ben for a while so I’ll be taking the plunge into this dialect now. You probably already know but I wanted to discuss Kingdom Hearts IV since I didn’t get to last week (funny how I finished Kingdom Hearts at that time). And we will be finishing up Rei’s Journey this week with a double feature.

With that being said, let’s continue.









N3 文法


about, concerning, regarding

N + について

N1 + について+ のN2

Used to introduce a topic or subject of conversation. You can also use it to connect two nouns together and make more complex sentences.

You can add more emphasis to this grammar by adding the particle は at the end of について. And you can use も to express “too” as well. 

Ex: それについてはずっと前に考えています。

       (I’ve been thinking about that a long time ago.)

Ex: 警察が来るまで証人はこの事変について誰も話しませんでした。

  (The witness didn’t tell anyone about the incident until the police arrived.)

Ex: 日本語の勉強についての論文を読みました。

  (I read an essay about Japanese studies.)

Ex: 日本についてももっと勉強したいです。

  (I also want to study more about Japan.)


as… then

V[Plain Form] + につれ/につれて

N + につれ/につれて

When used with a verb, it expresses two actions gradually changing. I’d translate this to “As I do[]… I gradually [].

When used with a noun it expresses that something changes along with something else. Like it getting colder as you go further north. Or the weather gets hotter as it gets closer to summer.

There is also a written form of this grammar called に従(したが)って. However I’ll only be providing the speaking version(につれて).

Ex:  毎日日本語だけで話したら、時間が立つにつれて英語をだんだん忘れてしまった。

  (I’ve been speaking only in Japanese every day so I gradually forgot English as time passed.)

Ex:  年をとるにつれて、彼の声は太くなりました。

  (As he got older, his voice got deeper.)

Ex:  私は部長が言っていただいたことにつれて会議に参ります。

  (I shall go to the meeting according to what the manager told me.)

Ex:  ワトソンはシャーロックの相談につれて行動した。

  (Watson acted according to Sherlock’s advice.)

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS


利=profit, advantage, benefit
益=gain, profit, advantage

As you may have surmised this verb has to do with gaining something. Or making a profit. This can be used as a noun or a verb. I don’t usually see it as 利益する. It is usually put with a verb:

生まる=To produce profit.
得る=To obtain profit.
になる=To become profitable/To someone’s advantage

There is another reading for this verb as well: りゃく. However, it is used especially through obtaining a blessing or a miracle through good deeds, prayers, and stuff like that. 

Perhaps Kirino Kousaka should’ve treated her brother a bit better so she could make a better profit off her light novel.


Taking on the Level 100 Challenge.
















[Taking on the Challenge]

A:Dude, you’ve been on Destiny Island for 5 hours now. What are you doing?

B:I’m trying to get Sora to level 100 before I leave the island.

A:Uhhh… that’s going to take forever. What level are you now?

B:Level 34. The tech boost really helps. Plus I got Tidus’ attack patterns figured out.

A:Well, if you do get to level 100 on Destiny Islands, you should upload your playthrough.

B:I plan on it. Curb stomping Heartless and Bosses is going to be fun.

A:Right. So how long do you think you have left?

B:Well, this guy called “WalkThruWalls” did it 15 years ago on the original Kingdom Hearts. It took him about 88 hours.

A:That’s a little long.

B:But it shouldn’t take me that long.

A:Why’s that?

B:It looks like he didn’t use the tech boost abilities. Or perhaps they didn’t exist in the original. I already got my first tech boost so that’ll double my experience.

A:Ah, I see. Let me know when you finish. Oh, and I can help if you don’t mind.

B:Sure, thanks.

記事を読もう/LET’S READ

シリーズ最新作「キングダム ハーツIV」が発売決定!

The Latest Entry in the Series “Kingdom Hearts IV” to be Released!

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts IV. The release date is undetermined. 

They announced it on April 10th during the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event. The Dark Seeker Arc, which started with the first game came to an end with Kingdom Hearts III. Kingdom Hearts IV will begin the Lost Master Arc. 

From what can be seen in the trailer the story will take place in a world that looks like present day Japan and the main characters Sora, Donald and Goofy make an appearance.

Here are some comments about the article:

yot: I’m hyped for this but, I still have to say “when it will come out”…

Didn’t think that KH III would take so long and there were too many things bundled together as a deal (*Probably talking about “Story so far bundle” and extra plot points before KH III came out*).

Story wise, I’m glad that Ven, Roxas and the others were rescued.

Disney put in an amazing work on those worlds, but it ended making the game linear.

Would’ve been great if the Keyblade was involved more in the main story, in the endgame was way too thin.

a_j: Surely they had the plan where in KH III we would revisit the worlds. Overall, I had a bad feeling about it as I played through it, so I hope KH IV will be different in this regard.

To be frank, I ended up thinking that KH III is even expensive even if you bought at half-price. And even at that point I wouldn’t recommend buying it.  At any rate, maybe they’ll spend their time and budget on making PS5 versions of these games.  So, Square Enix seriously do your best (*this time*).

efa: When I played Kingdom Hearts I and II and then heard that III was coming out I was “really looking forward to it” but, since there was such a huge gap from the first two games I ended up forgetting the plot, so I didn’t play it…

Square Enix recently put out a “release” announcement for Final Fantasy as well so the production period for KH IV will be so long that we will end up forgetting what happened in KH III…

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are fine since they are their own closed story but… Kingdom Hearts is another story. On another note, When will Final Fantasy VII Remake be continuing?

They have some good opinions about this series going forward and bring up some great questions. Unlike KH III, I don’t think it will take that long. Especially since they won’t have the “oh we’re going to move the game to a new engine mid-way through the project” excuse.

They might be using the latest Unreal Engine 5 for this game since it released this year. I just hope that they are actually using that instead of Unreal Engine 4. Nothing necessarily wrong with that engine per say but, it’d probably be a good idea to use going forward (heck I’m even thinking about upgrading to it).

I don’t know if Square Enix have separate teams that are working on Final Fantasy XVI, Kingdom Hearts IV and Dragon Quest XII but these next games are probably going to be aiming at the new game systems PS5 and Xbox Series X (and of course PC… I hope). It’d be great if they could be played on PS4 (since I just got one a few years back) but I don’t mind getting a PS5 when KH IV rolls around. Here’s the announcement trailer.

Anyways, Kingdom Hearts IV. Just wow. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this franchise. From the looks of the trailer it seems that we are getting more meta now. It’ll be kinda funny if the Master of Masters (MoM) is actually Tetsuya Nomura himself. I mean hey it’s in the acronym and this series is basically his child.

Nonetheless, I’ve got quite a few questions myself:

  • If they are going to have this game in the real world, then what does that mean for Disney worlds?
  • Will they rightfully bring back Final Fantasy characters (You know to redeem themselves from KH III lack of them)?
  • Will we only travel with Donald and Goofy into Disney worlds?
  • How long will this series be?
  • Is Kairi and Riku going to be doing anything? And what about the masters?
  • Are we going to see some twin shenanigans with Ven and Roxas?
  • Will we get to switch characters like we could in FF XV?
  • Will Sora finally get his mom’s dinner?

Who knows… but it is fun to wonder.


次回 あの日に戻れたら


You will usually come across this word when getting a preview of the next episode. When I see the kanji 次, I think of the word 次(つぎ)which means “next”. The 回 part of this word can be used as a counter for something that occurs. However there is another way of using this for counters and that is talking about episodes, chapters, or an installment of some new book.

With that in mind, you could translate this as “Next Episode”, but I’ll go with something shorter (and the definition of the word) “next time”.


The word あの is used to mean “that”. You may be familiar with この and その. The difference between them is the closeness to the speaker and the listener. 

この= Close to the speaker (as if the speaker is holding the item or closest thing to them)

その=Close to the listener (as if the listener is holding the item or closest thing to them and the speaker is talking to them about it.)

あの=Away from both speaker and listener. It can also describe something that is unfamiliar to both the speaker and listener as well.

Another nuance to these words is that not only can they be used to describe something physically distant, it can also be used to describe emotional distance.

For instance, あの人 would mean “that person” which makes it sound like “oh that person. doesn’t have anything to do with me”. As if you want to forget them. On the other hand この人 would be the opposite. You would probably think back on them fondly like “oh this person has been on mind lately.”.

So, back on topic. 日 means day. So we have “that day”. Which gives off an air of not wanting to remember it or feeling some kind of regret.


The particle に here can be translated to “to” and it connects “that day” to this verb. 

This verb 戻る which means “to return” or “to go back”. It seems it has two conjugations here:

  1. 戻るー>戻れる (The potential verb form of 戻る) = “I can return”, “I can go back”
  • The potential verb is used to express the ability to do something.
  1. 戻れるー>戻れたら(The conditional verb form of 戻れる) = “If I could return”
  • The conditional verb is used to bring in a possibility. For instance, “what if I(did some action)…then (result of doing said action)”.

So in all we have:

“Next Time: If I Could Go Back to That Day.”

Not too bad. “We” could work for this title as well. Especially if you are familiar with the characters and the plot that is going on. As you can see from the title on the top right corner this title comes from ODD TAXI (オッドタクシー).  This show is about a Taxi driver, the people he gives rides to, and how it all connects to a missing person case.

I won’t give much away, but it is a really good mystery that has many connections up until the very end of the show. Some things that get pointed out and through the process of elimination you can figure out the majority of it on your own. However, that’s what I enjoy doing (and why my favorite show is Detective Conan).

The OP is really good.

And the ED is strangely catchy.

Here’s a PV:




あ、そうなんだ。最後はサンダースじゃないか。二人共はもともと戦ったから、イナズマとこのバトルを終えよう。イナズマのひかりのかべ + かげぶんしんのコンビ強すぎる。アキのイーブイはシャワーズに進化してよかったなぁ。まあ、アキにとっては、ヤバイだろう。イナズマの攻撃は強くないが、サンダースのでんこうせっかとミサイルばりに比べて、強い。最後のかみなり⚡で全てが終えた。


俺とイナズマはオーキド博士を連れた。ここは 殿堂入りだ。チャンピオンとチャンピオンのポケモンを記録する場所だ。それで、帰って、母に俺たちの勝利を見せた。カスミに見せたかったが、イナズマは近くの空洞から厄介な気配がしてた。






So Aki beat the Elite Four before me. Now I have to beat him again to become champion. All this time he’s been ahead of me. That ends here. Time to surpass him once and for all. 

Ikkokesei took down Sandslash with Bubblebeam. Alakazam’s psychic attacks were rough so I switched to Choumu and used Flash. It was a war of attrition but Ikkokesei took it down. Next: Exeggutor. It put Ikkokesei to sleep and used Leech Seed. Used the Poke Flute and Ikkokesei was unaffected by its Hypnosis attack. Then, she slowly chipped away at Exeggutor’s stamina. Aki’s Cloyster was tough but Ikkokesei’s Thunderbolt took care of that hard shell. When Aki sent out Ninetales, I used a Hyper Potion. Alright, Ikkokesei’s done enough. Red’s Surf took care of this battle.

Ah, of course. His last Pokemon is Jolteon. They’ve fought each other from the beginning, so I’ll let Inazuma end this. Inazuma’s Light Screen + Double Team combo is too powerful. Good thing Aki didn’t evolve it into a Vaporeon. That would’ve been worse. Inazuma’s attacks aren’t effective but they are stronger than Jolteon’s Quick Attack and Pin Missile. One last Thunder ⚡and it was over.

After the battle, Aki was mad but admitted that I won. Then Professor Oak showed up. What? Aki lost because he doesn’t love his Pokemon? I don’t know about that. I do know I couldn’t have made it here without Inazuma and the others. Many of my Pokemon died for us to get here.

Inazuma and I followed Professor Oak to the back room. The Hall of Fame: the place where the champion and their Pokemon are recorded. After that, I went home to show mom. I wanted to show off to Misty but Inazuma sensed something coming from a cave close by. 

Before going in I fought this girl. Why is she looking for mushrooms over here? The cave was harder to navigate than Victory Road. All these Pokemon popping up is annoying so I came back with some Max Repels. As I went further in I found rarer Pokemon. Like Rhydon and Rhyhorn. Even found that strange Pokemon called Ditto. Found a Pokemon I’ve never seen before at the end of the cave. It’s just standing there. It’s giving off this strong aura but I know we can take it down. 

So this is Mewtwo?! Why is it here?! It knows Swift so Double Team won’t work. Gotta use the whole team to beat this Pokemon. Choumu barraged it with Flash and Psychic attacks. Inazuma used Light Screen and Ikkokesei slowed it down with Bubblebeam. She also poisoned it with Poison Sting. Just when I thought it was over, it used Recover. 

Switched to Luffy to lower its defense but it kept using the Barrier. Inazuma hit it with Thunderbolt. Was going to send out Red to finish it off, but it succumbed to the poison. Man… that was a tough battle. Wonder why it was here? What were those scientists thinking when they made it?!

That has to be the strongest Pokemon I’ve ever seen. If there’s something like this in this cave then I’m sure there are even stronger Pokemon out there. Perhaps there are more Pokemon that I’ve never seen before so I want to keep going on this journey. But first I’m gonna go back home. I want to play on the SNES, play with my Pokemon, and tell mom about our journey.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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