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Spring 2022 Anime + What is Ukiyo-e

日本語の練習 第122週

Japanese Practice Week 122


Hello everyone! Starting off this post with what I plan to watch during the Spring 2022 anime season. Finally getting into the end game with Kingdom Hearts. There wasn’t much dialogue or text to cover so I put up a few more videos than usual. Speaking of end game, Rei is finally starting to take on the Pokemon League. So without further ado, let’s continue!









N3 文法


compared to

This grammar point is used to compare something to another thing.

N + に比べて/に比べると/に比べれば/に比べ

Ex: ゲーム言語のマートさんに比べて、僕の日本語があまりよくないと思う。

  (Compared to Matt from Game Gengo, my Japanese is not that good.)

Ex: あのポケモンゲームに比べると、ポケモンハートゴールド・ソールシルバーのほうがいいと思う。

  (If I compare that Pokemon game, Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver are better. ) 

Ex: 二ヶ月前比べれば、ジョンさんはすごく忙しそうです。

  (John seems very busy compared to two months ago.)

Ex: 冬に比べ、春のほうがいいと思う。暖かいだから、もっと外で行ってできるし。おまけに、花見できる。

  (Compared to Winter, Spring is better. It’s warm so I can go outside more. On top of that, you can go see the cherry blossoms.) 


in, on, at (place); as for, regarding

This grammar point is used. This is more formal and it usually only appears in writing than in speaking.

N + において/における

Ex: 大学生ころにおいて、海外旅行なんて、ことをあんまり考えなかった。

  (When I was a university student, I didn’t think much about studying abroad.)

Ex: だいたいにおいて、ひらがなと代わりに漢字を書くべきでしょう?

  (In general, shouldn’t we write in Kanji instead of hiragana?) 

Ex: この時代における、少年ジャンプは一番有名だ。

  (Shonen Jump is the most famous manga magazine in this age.)

Ex: 高校生の時における、僕にとってはスペイン語は無理だった。

  (Spanish education when I was a high school student was impossible for me.) 

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS

entrance; admission; entering

入 = enter
場 = place, location

Just by looking at the kanji itself, you can ascertain what this verb is talking about. The verb means to enter a place. The verb seems to be used for entering buildings where an event is being held. Like a venue, or a stadium or in the case of this image image from Lucky Star an anime convention called Comiket.


Spring is now here. Time to become a driver.


A: 温かくなったね。

B: そうだね。

A: さ、また運転のことを教える。

B: え、ほんとう?なぜ冬に教えない?

A: 寒いだから。

B: そっちかよ?ともかく、運転が得意だが、縦列駐車だけ知らないし。

A: そうみたいね。いい場所わからないだけど、免許が必要なんだよ。

B: わかってるって。免許がないと、ニューヨークに旅行できないんだ。

A: じゃあ、今はどうするの?

B: 毎日運転する。今日はどこに行くの。運転してあげる。

A: うん。いいよ。とりあえず、マールやおばあちゃんの家や病院に運転してほしい。

B: いいよ。任せておけ。

[Become a Driver]

A: It’s getting warmer, isn’t it?

B: Yeah.

A: Well, time to teach you how to drive again.

B: Huh, really? Why didn’t you teach me in the winter?

A: Because it was cold.

B: That’s why? Anyways, I’m good at driving, but I don’t know how to parallel park.

A: That’s seems to be the case. I don’t know a good place for you to practice but, you need to get your license.

B: I know, already. If I don’t get it, I can’t take that trip to New York.

A: So what are you going to do?

B: Drive every day. Where are you going today? I’ll drive.

A: Sure, that’s good. For starters I want you to drive to the mall, then your grandmother’s house, and the hospital.

B: Sure. I’ll take care of it.


The boys are travelling to the End of the World to face off with Ansem.
Let’s see how the beginning of the end starts off.
Arrival point is at 3:00. Welcome to End Game Part 1.


 アンセムをやっつけたら 元(もと)に戻(も)るよな。

  • These are the fragments of the worlds attacked by the Heartless.
    • EN: Gawrsh, is that all that’s left of the worlds taken by the Heartless?
  • If we defeat Ansem, then they’ll be restored, right?
    • EN: Those worlds will be restored if we be Ansem, right?

※ The verb やられた comes from the verb 遣られる which means to take damage or be deceived. Goofy is describing how the Heartless have destroyed the worlds (世界) and these are the fragments (or what’s left = 破片) of the worlds.


 でもさ そしたら元に戻った世界は離れ離れ(はなればなれ)になっちゃうんだろ。

  • Of course! 
    • EN: You betcha.
  • But if we do that, the worlds will return to normal and end up separated.
    • EN: But, if we do beat him and all these worlds become restored and disconnected,

③ここにいる俺(おれ)たちは どうなっちゃうんだ?


  • What will happen to us here?
    • EN: What’s going to happen to this place? And to us?
  • Eh? Uhh… 
    • EN: Well, uh…

※ The ending there comes from the verb なる (to become). It is giving the casual form of なってしまう which is called なっちゃう. てーForm+しまう and っちゃう have the same meaning “to end up doing…”. In this case Sora is wondering happen to them.

🎮Sora’s got a point. Will you guys fade away with the world?

④ここはハートレスの世界だから 消(き)えてしまうかも。

 でも 平気(へいき)だよ。世界が消えても 僕(ぼく)らの心(こころ)は消えない。

  • This is the Heartless’ world so it might end up disappearing.
    • EN: This is a Heartless world, so maybe it’ll just disappear.
  • But it’ll be fine. Even if the world disappears, our hearts won’t.
    • EN: But no worries. Even if this place goes poof, our hearts ain’t goin’ nowhere.

※ Goofy says かも at the end of his sentence here. It means maybe or might. Use it to express that something may happen. You can also use かもしれない or かもしれません.

🎮I don’t think that’s how it works Goofy but anything’s possible when it comes to the heart… I guess.

⑤心があれば ともだちのところに帰(かえ)れる。


  • If we have our hearts, we can get back to our friends.
    • EN: I’m sure we’ll find our pals again.
  • I’m sure of it. 
    • EN: Yup, I just know that we will.

⑥うん そうだな。

  必(かなら)ず 返(かえ)すよ。


  • Yeah, you’re right.
  • I’ll definitely bring it back.
    • EN: I’ll return this. I promise.
  • Can equip weapons and accessories.
    • EN: Equip weapons and items.

🎮These Heartless are quite the pain. They are called インビジブル or Invisible in the English version. These creatures are like mini Darksides with a sword. They can teleport, have a ton of health, and they pack quite a punch. Luckily Paradigm Shifter is changing the equipment on Sora.



  • Change Sora’s equipment.
  • Kingdom Chain
    The Keychain that came with the Keyblade.
    Draws power from the Keyblade’s original form.
    • EN: Kingdom Key
      The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade’s true form and power.


  • Promise Charm
    Max MP increased by 1.
    Magic and Summoning attack power increased.
    Chances of getting a critical hit occur more frequently.
    • EN: Oathkeeper
      Raises max MP by 1. and enhances
      magic and summon power. Capable of
      dealing a string of critical blows.

🎮Another pest in this world is エンジェルスター or Angel Star. They guard and have powerful magic that will tear through your party. It’s a good idea to take care of these guys first. Strange to change back to the Kingdom Key but I guess they wanted to keep it in cutscenes. Now onto the next part.



  • …I wonder where Ansem could be?
    • EN: I wonder where that Ansem feller went?
  • I got a good idea. We’ll dive into the place that is the most dangerous! 
    • EN: Dive into the most dangerous place we’ll find him!

※The verb 飛びこんで means to jump into, plunge into, or dive into something. So Donald here is telling us to go to the most dangerous spot in this world to find Ansem… never would’ve thought of that.

🎮Great idea Donald, but I’m pretty sure this whole world is on the same level of danger. Anyways time to go to the next video. We’ll be journeying to places we’ve been before.

Text starts @6:27, 8:20 and 9:00

🎮Never knew that I could just ignore the pillars of light and just go onto the next one. Go figure. Another funny thing is that Paradigm Shifter never went to 100 Acre Wood. Yet here we are.



  • Obtained Last Elixir!
    • EN: Elixir
  • Amount of holdable items UP!
    • EN: Max Items Up

🎮In a realistic sense, it still baffles me how levelling up allows you to be able to carry more items on hand. Does Sora have a problem with holding onto items? With all those zippers and pockets I would think not.



  • Oh, Those born from the heart.
    Children of the Ones without hearts.
    • EN: Ones born of the heart and
      darkness, devoid of hearts,
  • Devour all the worlds
    and bring to “an end” .
    • EN: ravage all worlds and
      bring desolation.

※ The word なんじ is an archaic way of saying you. In Persona games it usually translated to “Thou”. I decided to omit it considering they are giving us a description of who they are talking to in this text.



  • Gather all the hearts,
    And have them become one great heart.
    • EN: Seize all hearts and
      consummate the great heart.
  • One with many hearts.
    One heart that’s greater than all.
    • EN: All hearts to be one,
      one heart to encompass all.

※ You’re probably wondering why 集め is missing the る at the end here. 集め is also a noun. I figured that this is another way to stay in the archaic feel of the text. Just means “assemble” or “collect”



  • Known as the Kingdom of Hearts,
    “Kingdom Hearts”
    • EN: Realize the destiny:
      the realm of Kingdom Hearts.
  • The greatest heart of all.
    Hidden by a great darkness.
    • EN: The great darkness sealed
      within the great heart.

※ The word すなわち is another way to say つまり. It expresses the phrase “in other words” or “that is to say”. These words are used to make a previous statement more clear. In the last text, it was talking about a hearts gathering to form a big heart. And now is stating “in other words” that heart is known as Kingdom Hearts.




  • To the darkness that seals the light,
    Return now, children of darkness.
    • EN: Progeny of darkness, come
      back to the eternal darkness.
  • “Kingdom Hearts” will be opened by
    The heart without darkness’ power.
    • EN: For the heart of light
      shall unseal the path.



  • There are seven hearts in the world without darkness.
    The “Keyhole” and the “Key”
    • EN: Seven hearts, one Keyhole,
      one key to the door.
  • They are tied to the door to darkness.
    The two “keys” are connected to the door.
    • EN: The door of darkness,
      tied by two keys.



  • The door where the darkness is sealed by light.
    A door for those who have light cannot pass through.
    • EN: The door of darkness to
      seal the light.
  • The darkness born within the dark,
    Pass through the door and return.
    Return to the core darkness within your heart.
    • EN: None shall pass but shadows,
      returning to the darkness.



  • Oh, Those born from the heart
    Children without hearts.
    • EN: Ones born of the heart
      and darkness, hunger
  • Until the Door to Darkness is opened
    Voraciously devour every last heart.
    • EN: for every heart until
      the dark door opens.

※ The expression ありとあらゆる means “every single”. Put it before a noun (like they did with heart 心) and you get “every single + Noun”. For instance
あらゆる人にケーキを上げろ。= Give cake to every person, or Give cake to all.

🎮Well that was the most strangest (and most difficult) text to go through. Luckily the next part doesn’t have much so let’s wrap up End Game Part 1 with a boss fight.

🎮Our next fight starts off with チェルナボーグ (Chernabog) from Fantasia. I’ve never watched the movie before, so when I first fought this boss I thought he was like Darkside’s final form or something XD. But alas, I was wrong. The wind sweeping technique is the most annoying thing about this fight. Plus the fire wall is a pain to deal with. Other than that, he’s not that bad.


  • Learned Shared Ability ✨Super glide!
    • EN: Learned shared ability ✨Superglide.

※ The word 共有 means that something is being shared. Like joint-ownership of a business (Like this game’s story: Square Enix + Disney).

🎮This ability would’ve honestly helped out quite a bit if we already had it. Makes Sora and the party fly faster. Now that I think about it, I’ve never gone back to other places to see if someone like Tarzan or Aladdin can fly. Maybe I should try that out.

🎮Anyways now that Chernabog is dealt with, let’s head into the volcano. What could possibly go wrong by doing that, right?

On that note, we’ll pick this up next time with End Game Part 2.




This word is pronounced and usually translated as Ukiyo-e. Even though that is the case I’ll try to break down the meaning within this word through its kanji.

The first kanji 浮 comes from the verb 浮かぶ which means to float.

The second kanji 世 comes from the word 世界 which means word. The reading for the kanji by itself is read as よ, and it also means world.

The last kanji 絵 means painting.

So altogether a rough translation of this word would be “floating world picture” or “floating world painting”.

These paintings started off in the Edo Period. They are made by woodblock prints. You’ll usually see women, sumo wrestlers, and scenes from history and folk tales depicted in the paintings. I find them quite fascinating.


The katakana is used for a foreign word. I usually see English words but I’m sure that the language pulls words from other languages and uses katakana for them as well. Like the word from Germany for job, バイト. It is the shortened German word arbeit.

Aside from that, this word mean “blues” as in the music genre. At least that is what I thought “blues” was referring to at first.

Like the renaissance, Japan had a blue period of some sorts back in the 1830s.

If we put this together with Ukiyo-e, you simply get “Ukiyo-e Blues”.


This word may be familiar to you. It can be seen in the phrase “いかがですか”, which I am assuming they are saying in this title. いかがですか is similar to どうですか and I can think of two ways it can be used:

1. When you are trying to invite someone to do something.
How about we go see the Ukiyo-e paintings.

2. To ask how something is.
I just made a cake. How does it taste?

I think I’ll go with “How about” for this part.

So altogether we have:

     ”How About
         Ukiyo-e Blues?”

I do like puns but they could’ve just gone with the original title which is shown below. Crunchyroll does have each title in romaji so I guess that helps people pick up on the phonetics. However, I like how Funimation had these titles. They kept the Japanese and put the translation and romaji below it. Nonetheless, a good translation for the non punny title.

This title comes from Episode 10 (9 on Crunchyroll – they seemed to have taken out Episode 3 due to it being based on Hitler) of Lupin the Third Part 2.

Thanks to Adult Swim, I got to see quite a few of these episodes when I was a kid. It’s a fun episodic show that shows what the grandson of the great phantom thief Arsene Lupin is up to. They go on plenty of heists and most if not all are clever and well written for it’s time.







ちなみに、なぜいいキズぐすり? もっと高いキズぐすり買えないのか?ともかく、カンナを倒した。残念だったなあ。よし、回復して、次の部屋に進め!


Aishite-ru is strong but I can’t use it. I caught Red in the Seafoam Islands. Darn it! Wanted Aishite-ru to fight in Kid Muscle’s place. It’s weaker than the rest of my team. I should train it some more but I’m gonna go fight the Elite 4 anyway. Besides we trained, we prepared, we’re ready. Let’s head towards the last battle…

No. As promised I’m taking Kiba into the Elite 4. Used the PC to switch Kiba out with Kid Muscle.

Up first, Lorelei. She’s pretty. This place look like Misty’s Gym. You’re up Inazuma. Her Dewgong used rest so it was easy to beat. Not even a thunderbolt woke it up. Inazuma’s Thunder broke through Cloyster’s hard shell. Her next Pokemon was a Slowbro. It has this dumb look on it’s face but I can’t underestimate it. It used a move called Amnesia to increase it’s power. I don’t like that blank look its giving us.

As expected, it hit Inazuma with a strong Psychic attack. but he survived somehow. The Slowbro increased its defense so it was hard to bring down but Inazuma did it.

Just a little more. Inazuma looks tired so switched to Red. Red took down Jynx with a Vice Grip. Awesome! Lorelei’s last Pokemon: Lapras. It used that annoying move called Confuse Ray. Plus when Lapras looked like it was about to faint, she used a super potion on it. Good thing she doesn’t have Hyper Potions. Otherwise, we’d be here all day.

By the way… why Super Potions? Can she not afford more expensive potions? Anyways, we beat Lorelei. So this is the power of an Elite 4 member. That’s kinda sad. We’ll heal up and head to the next room!

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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