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僕のクリスマス+Progress Report & Winter 2022 Goals

日本語の練習 第109週

Japanese Practice Week 109


Hello everyone! Back to teach Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. This will be the last one for this year. But I will return in 2022.
So, let’s wrap this year up.





N3 文法



This grammar is used to emphasize the word before it.

Another tip here is that you can use からこそ to emphasize cause and reason of something. The only difference is that it seems you have to use a past tense verb.

N +こそ
V[Past-Form] +こそ

Ex: 今度こそあの試験を合格できます。

  (I will pass the test for sure next time.) 

Ex: 今の能力は運じゃない。努力したからこそ、成功したんだ。

  (My current ability was attained because of effort not luck.)


should do, shouldn’t do

Used to express that someone should/shouldn’t do something. Kinda sounds like a parent or a teacher would talk like this.

V[Dict-form] + こと
V[ない-form] + こと

Ex: 学生として、しっかり勉強すること。

  (As a student you must take your studies seriously.)

Ex: テレビのボリュームを大きすぎないこと

  (You mustn’t turn the TV volume up too loud.) 

Ex: もちろん、アニメのことが好きわかりますが、「ツンデレ」にはふりだけでもしないことね。

  (Of course I get that you like anime, just don’t act like a tsundere.)

Ex: 「大声だせないこと」と言いたいんですが、君なら、無理だって。

  (I want to say “don’t speak in a loud voice” but that’s impossible for you.) 

N3 動詞/N3 VERBS

meeting; assembly; gathering; association

The first kanji 会 can mean things like meeting, association or join. Now the second kanji 合 seems similar to the first. They also have similar meaning join in common. The other meanings it has is fit and suit. So it makes since when these two kanji are put together it means something like joining together.


Since the last report, I’ve done gotten some things accomplished.


Read some more manga. Re:Zero Chapter 1 was pretty good. Had some hard phrases here and there but with Takoboto, it wasn’t impossible. The easiest manga I read during the Fall would have to be あしたはどうようび. I also wrapped up the final chapters of IDOLY PRIDE in this season. Started some more web manga, too. I’ll probably talk about those in the near future.

Finished my second book Kaitou Red. I think this kind of genre is more to my liking than the first book I read. Phantom Thieves on their first heist? Count me in! According to my Kaitou Red Volume 1 list of words on Takoboto, I listed 404 words from this book. Unlike “Here Comes The Black Witch” it was more grounded in reality and more of an easy read to me. Will be reading more from this series.


Finished Pokemon Y. Haven’t played it in 4 or 5 years, so I barely remembered anything. It was kind of tough getting through the city. Regardless, it was an overall fun game to play.

Finished Dragon Quest VI wasn’t as fun. Maybe if I played it in English on one device while playing in Japanese on another would’ve been a good idea. But I rather not waste time doing that. There were some plot points I’m still lost on. Like Millie and Terrie’s past. Or Barbara disappearing at the end and then showing back up at the castle to see an egg hatch. Maybe the answers will be revealed in the post game.

There’s supposed to be some true ending in the post game if you beat a boss under 20 turns. Wasn’t going to be finished in time to grind enough so I can beat that boss so I’ll be playing the rest next year.

Tried playing Yakuza 0 in Japanese… and quickly realized I was over my head. Luckily they have the Japanese voice so I can work on my listening.

Started playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire this month. I remember the story quite a bit so maybe that will help with this playthrough. All those time I played it on the GBA has finally come back to help me. To make things interesting I started doing a Nuzlocke.

Speaking of Pokemon Nuzlockes, after I’m done with Rei’s journey through Kanto, I’ll be picking up the daunting task of Johto with a new nuzlocke. Probably will start that next year. So look forward to it.


Still watching Naruto. I’m in the Chuunin Arc at the moment. Understanding majority of it and commenting on every episode in English and Japanese.

Picked up another nostalgic anime Yu-Gi-Oh. Since I read the manga I’m was ready to charge in headfirst into this series. I’m on the Duelist Kingdom Arc at the moment and am enjoying spotting differences from the manga and the 4Kids version.


I barely passed the JLPT with a 96 a few months ago. Unfortunately, I still have a long ways to go with my reading. Find it strange that my grammar/vocabulary and listening are fine but I’m struggling in reading comprehension. Just have to keep pushing.

Didn’t get in the top 400 before Autumn ended. But at least I am now brown belt (N3) on JA Sensei. At this rate I’m sure I’ll be able to get to the top 400 (and then some) next year.


So that’s about it for my progress. I had goals that I wanted to accomplish in the Fall. Let’s take a look at where I failed (✕) and where I succeeded (◎)

  • Finish N3 Vocabulary ✕
    • Only 20 words left but there’s a bug in the app that won’t let me learn them.
  • Finish N3 Kanji ◎
  • Finish all General Radicals ◎
  • Top 400 Rank on JA Sensei ✕
    • I guess I shot too high. My current rank is
  • Take N3 Mock Exam -> Get a higher score  ✕
    • Earned an 87. My weakest point is the reading section. Need to read more.
  • Finish 2nd novel ◎
  • Finish Dragon Quest VI by end of year ◎
    • There’s some post-game stuff but I’d like to clear that once I’m at a higher level.
  • Finish Pokemon Y by end of year ◎
    • For a game I haven’t played in 4 or 5 years, I’m impressed to have finished it.

Winter 2022 Goals

  • Earn A Higher Score On JLPT N3 Mock Exam
  • Get In Top 400 On JA Sensei
  • Finish 2 Anime On Animelon
  • Finish Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Read At Least 2 Articles A Day
  • Read 2 Books
  • Finish 3 Manga

These are my goals and I hope I can complete them all. I have 8 anime that I want to check out this winter (please be on Funimation or Crunchyroll), but I think that I can get these all done this time.



A: ね、ハルカ。

B: なんだ、フランキー。

A: アメリカでスペリングビーがあるが、日本は同じものがあるの?

B: ううん。ないよ。でも、漢字検定がある。

A: 漢字検定? あの漢字テストだっけ。

B: うん、あれの。やってみる。

A: 今の僕は無理だと思う。漢字が難しいだから。一方で、話す力のほうが上手だ。

B: フランキーなら、レベル8を合格と思うよ。

A: じゃあ、考え直しておくね。

[Does Japan Have Spelling Bees?]

A: Hey, Haruka.

B: What is it, Frankie?

A: America has spelling bees. Does Japan have the same thing?

B: Nope. Not really. But there is the Kanji Kentei.

A: Kanji Kentei? Are you talking about that kanji exam.

B: Yep, that’s the one. One give it a shot?

A: I think that’s impossible for me right now. Kanji’s hard. On the other hand, my speaking is much better.

B: I think you could pass the level 8 exam.

A: Then, I’ll think it over.


Manga Selected By Tokyo University Student That Help With Studies
More Than Simply Obtaining Knowledge Lies Within Its Pages

After two years of unsuccessful attempts, Nishioka Issei went from earning a score of 35 points to passing the exam to get into Todai (Tokyo University). He wrote about what he did to turn this situation around. The series became a best-seller with 380,000 copies sold. As for current Todai student and popular author, Nishioka, receives many teacher’s and student’s worries and gives consultation in schools all over the country. His advice to students in their perspective have been well received by teachers and parents. He has even provided consulting on educational guidance. And now right before the new year’s holiday, he is here to discuss 3 manga that are helpful with students studies.

Lately, I feel as though educational manga have been on the rise. When it comes to manga, people may think it’s all pop with no educational substance, but that isn’t the case.

Nowadays, manga that make people think and are helpful with studies have increased. Even for Todai students, there are many disputes on the impression of reading manga. I would like to take the time to introduce 3 “educational” manga that are useful for your studies.

A Manga that Teaches Science with the Approach of Research

The first manga, “Science Fell in Love, so I Tried to Prove it” (Flex Comics – COMIC Meteor). As the title suggests, the manga is about love being deemed as unscientific to some science graduate students and they make every effort to prove that is the case.

There’s a lot to learn from this manga. The manga depicts the characters thinking scientifically and approaching problems, like how to prove them and thinking of a way to reach a solution. So, there are many chances to obtain knowledge.

Above all else, the manga isn’t just educational. It shows how to approach learning. This manga has scenes where professors press students on “what is this research useful for”. Professors scold students who don’t think about why they are studying this and how it can be useful.

We truly are prone to falling for this trap. For example, “traveling salesman problem” that will show up during your studies in the sciences and mathematics is in this manga. It is useful for figuring out a way to ride the most rides at Disneyland.

Learning is way to resolve issues and find solutions to the minor problems that the world has.

Just as the title says, “Love” and “Science” join together in this manga. Some may try to rush through this manga, but that’s not a good idea. That’s the way learning is and always will be. We are free to learn and research but we just set the bar too high for ourselves.

For lowering that bar and learning how to approach studying, I can’t recommend this manga enough.

Next is “March Comes in Like a Lion” (Hakusensha Young Animal Comics). I think this manga should be read by anyone who regret not being able to make an effort. When I was studying for my exams, I was read it over and over and was encouraged countless times.

This is a story about a Shogi professional but, a Shogi pro makes ten-fold more effort than the ordinary person. They keep going and going, and they keep fighting to win regardless if they think its not enough or even if they win. And they do it all over again in the next match.

Continuing to make an effort can be tough. You may not be rewarded for your efforts, and may think that putting in the effort is pointless. May even feel disappointed in yourself, or come to the conclusion that nothing can be done and it end up being all pointless.

In this manga, the characters fight that hopelessness eagerly and desperately hold on for dear life. Everyone isn’t rewarded for that effort in Shogi. However, there is something to be gained and a world to be seen past the struggle when you keep pushing. It may not be rewarding, but certainly is a relief. It may seem absurd to others, but it does have it’s meaning. And That’s what this manga teaches us.

Young people that aren’t doing there best is on the rise. I’m on that side of the scale as well, so I can completely understand. But when I read this manga I think things like “making an efforts not bad” and “There might not be a reward, but I guess I’ll keep going at it”.

A Worthwhile Read Of The Abundant History from the Sengoku Era to Edo Era

Lastly, “Hyouge Mono” (Kodansha Morning KC).

This manga follows what Furuta Oribe, a commander, sees during the Warring States Era. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sen no Rikyu, Tokugawa Ieyasu… and many other characters are drawn in this manga in a charming and comical fashion. Even more interesting, the manga helps understand things during this time period. Such as why is tea ceremonies are in style and how “culture” was formed. It is rare for a manga to worthwhile read while going over a lot of history.

Incidentally, when I introduce a manga like this, I think there are some who may say “Is it accurate”. Before I go further, this manga is based severely on an interpretation of what is barely portrayed in history. Sen no Rikyu having a big stature is historically accurate. He was so muscular and strong that the average samurai could not best him in combat.

You probably are thinking “is that so?!” and I think that’s fine. Some of it may be dramatized and you might think “you gotta be kidding me” but if you become interested in that then you’ll get interested in history, too.

So what do you think? These are the manga that I can recommended with confidence. It’s not about shying away and read it “because its manga”. If everyone can read it “because they are manga”, I’d be happy.

This one was a doozy. But it was great to translate this. The writer makes very good points. Things like manga and anime are looked down upon. Sure there probably some good reasons to harbor those feelings. However, with every thesis, there is an anti-thesis. If anything, this article faced the manga scrutiny very well. I’ve seen the anime from both the 1st and 2nd manga he recommended.

To be frank 3-gatsu no Lion is one of my favorite anime (even so much that I decided to do Japanese immersion with the first season this winter.). They do indeed have their charm and as a lover of science and shogi, I’d like to read the original material on Book Walker one day.


Alright! One last gummi ship adventure before the year is over.
The boys are heading for a land they’ve never seen before: Neverland!
What awaits them when they land? Let’s find out.




  • Say, uh, there’s something coming from behind us. It’s a big ship.
    • EN: Uh, a big ship is catching up to us.
  • There’s no time to be looking! That’s a pirate ship!
    • EN: Quit gawking! That’s a pirate ship!

※ The word のんびり means a lax kind of attitude. Donald is telling them this is no time with 見てる場合じゃない. 場合 means case or situation. So Donald is literally saying this isn’t a situation to idly looking.



  • It’s going to crash into us! Hold on, everyone! 
    • EN: It’s going to ram us! Hold on tight!
  • Didn’t think you’d come here.
    • EN: I didn’t think you’d come, Sora.



  • It’s good that we can meet again.
    • EN: Good to see you again.
  • What happened to Donald and Goofy?
    • EN: Where are Donald and Goofy?

※ When you put a てーForm Verb together with 良かった it means “it’s good that…(verb)”.



  • Still going on about them, huh?
    • EN: Are they that important to you?
  • Are they really that important to you?
    • EN: More important than old friends?

※ Riku is using まだ (which means still) here which expresses his cheekiness towards Sora being buddy buddy with Donald and Goofy.

⑤おまえが捜(さが)しているのはあのふたりか? それともーー

  見(み)ろ おまえが遊(あそ)んでいる間(あいだ)に俺(おれ)はカイリを見つけたぞ。

  • You’re looking for those two or…
    • EN: Instead of worrying about them, you should be asking…
  • See. While your were playing around I found her.
    • EN: about her. That’s right. While you were off goofing around, I finally found her.

※ I like how the translators handles these lines here. Riku just trails off in the Japanese version and shows Kairi and then goes into the next line. On the other hand, the English version goes on and says something about Kairi.

🎮Wasn’t necessarily goofing around. Besides, Sora did try to get you to join him.

⑥おっと 俺の船で勝手(かって)な行動(こうどう)は慎(つつし)んでくれ。

 リク おまえなんでこんな奴(やつ)らと一緒(いっしょ)にいるんだ!

  • Woah there. Take it easy. Can’t have you doing whatever you like on my ship.
    • EN: Not so fast. No shenanigans aboard my vessel, boy.
  • Riku! Why are you with these guys?!
    • EN: Riku, why are you siding with the Heartless?

※ The verb 慎む means in this case to refrain from doing something. It can also mean to be careful.



  • I have the power to control the Heartless. I don’t have no reason to be afraid anymore.
    • EN: The Heartless obey me now, Sora. Now I have nothing to fear.
  • That power’s dangerous. They’ll swallow up your heart!
    • EN: You’re stupid. Sooner or later they’ll swallow your heart.

※The verb 操る means to control. On another note, I really like that put that “You’re stupid” line in there.

🎮Sora’s right. Riku’s being really stupid right now. Doesn’t know what he’s truly dealing with when it comes to this power. I mean he’s seen plenty of people fall because of this power. Plus Kairi is in this state because of the dark powers that be. And yet…




  • That’s only happens if your weak.
    • EN: Not a chance. My heart’s too strong.
  • Riku
    • EN: Riku…
  • I can do a lot more with this power.
    • EN: I’ve picked up a few of other tricks as well.

※ Riku is using “だけ” to say that “only” people with weak hearts are effected here. Also if you are ever interested in translating the — that you see after some sentences usually mean a pause in speech or it’s being continued in the next line.



  • Like this.
    • EN: Like this, for instance.
  • I’ll let you see your dear friends.
    • EN: You can go see your friends now.

※ The てーForm + やる here is the more impolite way to say “I’ll do something for you” or “I’ll give you something”.

🎮Pulling out your friend’s shadow. Way to be edgy Riku. Then you use a trap door. Way to be a rent-a-villain Riku.



  • Is the ship still not ready to go?
    • EN: Let’s get under way, already.
  • Don’t let Sora nowhere Kairi till we land.
    • EN: And keep Sora away from Kairi until we’re ready to land.

※ This verb conjugation させる keeps coming up so I’ll explain it.

“to make/let someone do something”

This grammar point can mean two different things. One, it can mean to make or let someone do something. Two, it can mean to make something happen.

It changes depending on the type of verb so here’s a chart with the rules. I explained as well in the grammar section here.

⑪フン あんなガキがこの俺に命令(めいれい)とは!

 どうします フック船長(せんちょう)?

  • Hmph I’m not taking orders from that brat!
    • EN: That scurvy brat thinks he can order me around!
  • What’ll we do, Captain Hook?
    • EN: What shall we do, Captain Hook?

🎮Hook doesn’t like children to begin with so for Riku to be talking down to him like he’s some lowly grunt really stings his pride.



  • Ignore him! The ship’s crawling with Heartless anyway.
    • EN: Nothing! The hold is crawling with Heartless.
  • Let them guard the ship.
    • EN: Let them keep an eye on the brats.

※ I really like how Japanese has a bunch of words like this. The repeating kind of words. ウヨウヨ means “crawling with” or “swarming”. The verb 見張らせ means “to stand guard/watch” over something and/or someone.

⑬でも船長 あそこにはあいつもーー


  • But Captain, they are also-
    • EN: But, Captain, you-know-who is also down–
  • Hush! Did you hear that just now? That terrifying sound.
    • EN: Shh… Did you hear that, Smee? Oh, that dreadful sound!

⑭いえ 何も。

  本当(ほんとう)に本当?気のせいか? ああいやだいやだーー

  • Nope not a thing.
    • EN: No, Captain.
  • Are you sure you’re sure? Is it just my imagination? Ah, this isn’t good…
    • EN: Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it? Oh, my poor nerves…


  うん たしかにカイリだった。ようやく会えたんだ。

  • Kairi’s here?
    • EN: You don’t say?
  • Yeah, that was definitely her. I finally go to see her.
    • EN: Yeah, it was definitely Kairi. I’ve finally found her.

※ Find it funny we kinda reversed the order of Kairi and her here.

⑯そうかあ それじゃもう一度(いちいどう)会いに行こう!



  • Then let’s go see her again!
    • EN: All right! Then let’s go up and talk to her.
  • Yeah.
    • EN: Yeah!
  • Agreed. No get up! Hurry and get up!
    • EN: Sounds great. Okay, but first… how about getting off!

🎮At least Donald and Goofy were able to break Sora’s fall from the trap door. I do wonder why they don’t have them tied up though.

⑰あ わりい

 ゴホン! ここから出るんだろ 手伝(てつだ)ってやろうか?


  • Ah, my bad.
    • EN: Oh, sorry.
  • Ahem! I can help you get out of here.
    • EN: Ahem! How ya doin’ there? Looking for a way out?
  • Who’re you?
    • EN: Who are you?

※ The word わりい is a colloquial word that means something like, my bad or sorry about that.

⑱君(きみ)らだけじゃ まず無理(むり)だろうね。

 そうかい じゃ どうぞご自由(じゆう)に。


  • It’ll be impossible to do on your own.
    • EN: I’m the answer to you prayers.
  • Oh okay then be my guest (get out on your own).
    • EN: Okay, then. Fine. Have it your way.
  • You say that but weren’t you captured, too?
    • EN: But you’re stuck in here too, aren’t you?

※ The word どうぞ is a phrase that means “help yourself” or “here you go”. Peter even uses some keigo (ご自由)here. They he does it comes off as sarcastic though.



 遅(おそ)かったじゃないか ティンカーベル。

  • I’m just waiting.
    • EN: No. I’m just waiting for someone.
  • For who?
    • EN: Who?
  • Well aren’t you late Tinker Bell.
    • EN: Tinker Bell, what took you so long?

⑳そうか そこにウィンディがいるんだな?


 何言ってるんだ だめだよ。ウィンディはたいせつな人なんだから。

  • Oh, so Wendy’s there?
    • EN: Great job. So you found Wendy?
  • Another person? There’s another girl in there?
    • EN: Hold on. There was another girl there, too?
  • What are you saying? No way we’re leaving Wendy. She’s important.
    • EN: Are you crazy? There is no way I’m gonna leave Wendy there!

※ The sentence 何言ってるんだ could be implied as someone suggesting something stupid or in this case crazy.

🎮Dang. Don’t know what Tinkerbell is saying but she really doesn’t like when another girl gets close to Peter. Nobody wants this man-child, Tinkerbell. So chill. Also, I wonder how the Tinkerbell in those movies where she’s the main character meets Peter.

㉑ハハァ やきもちやいてるな。

  お おいティンク 扉(扉)を開(あ)けてくれよ!



  • Oh, so you’re jealous.
    • EN: Aha. She must be pretty jealous.
  • He-hey Tink, open the door!
    • EN: Come on, Tink! Open up the door!
  • Ahem!
    • EN: Ahem!
  • I’m Peter Pan.

※ Really like how Sora is throwing that Ahem back in Peter’s face. That ahem was like Sora saying “so you were saying”). Left out Sora introducing himself because it’s kinda implied here.

㉒いいか 一緒に行くのはウェンディを助(たす)けるまでだ。

 ねえ どうして空(そら)を飛(と)べるの?

 誰だって飛べるさ。 試(ため)してみるかい。

  • Listen up. I’ll go with you until I save Wendy.
    • EN: Okay, we’re in this together, but only ’til we find Wendy.
  • Say, how are you flyin’?
    • EN: So, uh, how come you can fly?
  • Any one can fly. Wanna try it out?
    • EN: Anyone can fly. You wanna try?

㉓ティンク そろそろ機嫌なおせよ。


  さ これで飛べるはずだ。

  • Ah. Cheer up Tink.
    • EN: Aw, haven’t you cooled off yet, Tink?
  • Sprinkle some fairy dust.
    • EN: Just a little bit of pixie dust.
  • Now you’ll be able to fly.
    • EN: There. Now you can fly.

※ The word 機嫌 can mean humor but in this context it means mood. なおせ comes from the verb 直(なお)す which means to mend or to heal. So Peter is pretty much telling Tinker Bell to fix her mood or attitude here.

🎮Donald the DUCK everybody. The character that can’t fly. He gets to fly in the House of Mouse though.




  • So what? Wendy’s not a princess?
    • EN: What? So Wendy’s not one of the chosen ones?
  • That what I heard heard from Maleficent.
    • EN: There are seven, supposedly,
  • There’s only 7 Chosen Princesses.
    • EN: and Maleficent says she’s not one of them.




  • Once the ship’s repairs are done, we’re heading out.
    • EN: Hoist anchor as soon as possible.
  • Leave behind the stow-aways.
    • EN: Leave all the dead weight behind, including her.
  • After going through the trouble of capturing them?!
    • EN: After the trouble of capturing her?




  • Why 7 anyway?
    • EN: And why those seven?
  • What is Maleficent planning?
    • EN: What is Maleficent planning, anyway?
  • As long as it’s a way to get Kairi’s heart back, I don’t care.
    • EN: Who knows. As long as it means getting Kairi’s heart back, I couldn’t care less.

🎮Good questions there Hook but hold up… you teamed up with Maleficent without knowing her end game. Okay~ that was smart. What is his motivation for joining anyway?



  心を取り戻すなんて 無理だろう。

  • Hmph! Well, gee thanks for all your hard work!
    • EN: You’re wasting your time!
  • That girl’s heart has already been eaten by the Heartless.
    • EN: The Heartless have devoured that girl’s heart.
  • “Getting her heart back” isn’t possible.
    • EN: I’ll stake me other hand it’s lost forever.

※ The expression ごくろう means “thanks for your hard work”. As you can see Hook is using it quite sarcastically here.




  • Kairi’s heart wasn’t eaten!
    • EN: I will find it no matter what.
  • Captain Hook.
    • EN: Uh, Captain…
  • What is it?
    • What?


  ピーターパンめ!いいかスミー人質(ひとじち)を船長室(しつ)に連(つれ)れてこい 今すぐにだ!

 どうした ティンク?

  • As I thought, they escaped and Peter is with them.
    • EN: The prisoners have escaped. What’s more, Peter Pan is with them.
  • That blasted Peter! Listen Smee, take the hostages to the Captain’s Cabin now!
    • EN: Blast that Peter Pan! All right, then! Bring the hostage to me cabin, Smee! Hop to it!
  • What’s the matter, Tink?
    • EN: What is it, Tink?




  • Peter? Is that you, Peter Pan?
    • EN: Peter? Peter Pan?
  • Hurry! The pirates are taking us out of the room!
    • EN: Please hurry! The pirates are coming!
  • What?! Alright, we’ll be there soon so wait for me!
    • EN: What! I’ll be right up there! Just hold on!


 そこに もうひとり女の子がいる?


  • Who are you?
    • EN: Yes?
  • Is there another girl up there?
    • EN: Is there another girl in there with you?
  • Huh? Yes. But she hasn’t woken up.
    • EN: Oh, why, yes. But she seems to be alseep.

🎮With her eye’s open? Creepy~

🎮しまった!カイリが壊れちゃった!(Oh no! Kairi’s broken!)



  • Looks like she’s sleeping for quite a while.
    • EN: She hasn’t budged an inch.
  • Wendy?! Sora let’s go up!
    • EN: Wendy! Hey, let’s get up there!

🎮How the heck did Wendy get that chest drawer in front of the door? Looks heavy.

🎮On top of that, Peter could’ve flew up there, right? Third time Paradigm has used a trinity. Wonder if there’ll be a chest opening soon.

Looks like Goofy’s raring to go up the ladder. But we’ll close off the year with this.
The boys will be back again to take on what may come there way next year.
So look forward to it!





This may look like it is combined but it is actually two words. They are in katakana, which tells us that it may be from a foreign language. It means Dragon Quest.


This kanji can mean things like phantasm, illusion, or dream. Since this is a fantasy kind of RPG I’ll go with something that will fit that: illusion.

Usually seen as a possessive particle but, in a title like this, I think it is safe to go with “of”.


The first kanji means big or large. While the second kanji means ground or earth. So big ground? It could even mean the Earth itself. So a vast piece of land. Or maybe just “land” would be better. Then again, I know land can be vast but surely there’s a better word than land while keeping a sense of fantasy and vastness. Maybe “world”. Put that together and you get

Dragon Quest VI
The World of Illusions

Let’s take a look at the official English translation.

Definitely gives off a fantasy appeal. Especially the realm part. I am curious how they came up with revelation though. This title comes from a video game that I played this year.

My first time playing a game from this series and I decided to play it in Japanese of all things. Took me 85 hours to finish the main story XD. I think I’ll just play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for this Winter. Here’s a short video on how my journey went:





surfing pikachu pokemon yellow に対する画像結果






Welcome to the team!

On Sea Route 19, I used a super rod and caught a Staryu with a Great Ball. Nice. It can learn Surf. Named it Shuriken.

Went to a beach house and Inazuma surfed on a surfboard for a bit.

surfing pikachu pokemon yellow に対する画像結果

Alright breaks over let’s get to Cinnabar Island.

Why are there people swimming out in the sea. Isn’t that dangerous. They could get attacked by a Tentacruel or something. If that happened to me I’d be in trouble since I can’t swim. Inazuma used a bunch of thunderbolts and learned Thunder.

In the PC you go!

There some islands here. Doesn’t look like Cinnabar Island. The sign says Seafoam Islands. I went into a cave where a Krabby appeared. I caught it with a Great Ball. I’ll name it Red.

I’ll have to come back to this place later. Looks like I have to move boulders down these holes to stop the fast current. This my only way to go to Cinnabar Island, so I need to prepare first.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来年!良いお年を!


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