GTA in Japan?!


日本語の練習 第37週 Japanese Practice Week 37

Hello everyone! Kyuusei here to teach you Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. With that being said, let’s continue.


GTA に似ているよ。おもしろかった動画。見てください:



This grammar point is used to say that something has been completely done. This grammar is usually combined with verbs like end (終(お)わてしましょ) or finish (終(お)えってしましょ).

Ex:  きょうのブロッグをすませてしまったら、マンガを読んでアニメを見ます。

(When I have completely finished today’s blog, I will read manga and watch anime.)

Ex:  野菜を食べてしまうまでに、ケーキを食べてはいけません。

(You may not eat the cake until you have finished eating your vegetables.)


This grammar point is used to show that you regret something. Or it can be used to say that something has happened or will happen, and it will end horribly if it does. It can also mean that you did something by accident.

Ex: 今日のしゅくだいを忘れてしまいました

(I forgot today’s homework. [and I regret it.])

Ex: リポートをデリートしてしまった。

(I deleted the report (by accident).)


  1. A classmate is holding a box. Ask what it is.


  • You are at a department store. Ask the sales associate how much is that red bike over there.


  • You are trying to find the post office. Ask a stranger where it is.


  • Your friends have invited you to a new restaurant. Ask the waiter for a menu.


  • Oh no! You found a wallet after class. People are heading towards the door. Find out whose wallet it is.


  • A person you just met says that he is a student and his major is history. Tell him that your friend Makoto is a history major, too.


  • Someone asks you if you are a high school student. Correct this person by telling them that you are actually a freshman of Tokyo University.


  • Ah, there is an umbrella left at the door in your college department. Ask professor Kazuko if that umbrella over there belongs to her.



  1. いる – To Need
    1. 何もいらない

I don’t need anything.

  • いるものを忘れないでください。

Don’t forget the things you need.

  • いる – To be, to exist
    • 僕がいるから、安心してください。

I am here so don’t worry.

  • なぜ人間がいますか

Why do humans exist?

  • 入れる(いれる)– To put
    • 100円コインに入れてください。

Please put in a 100 – yen coin.

  • おもちゃはどこに入れるの。

Where do you put your toys?

  • 歌う(うたう)– To sing
    • 声が下手だから、歌いたくないです。

Since my voice is bad, I don’t want to sing.

  • カラオケバーでアニメOPを歌いましょう

Let’s sing anime openings at a karaoke bar.

  • 生まれる(うまれる)– To be born
    • ドイツに生まれました

I was born in Germany.

  • どこに生まれました

Where were you born?

  • 売る(うる)– To sell
    • 車と家を売った、日本に行きました。

I sold my car and house and went to Japan.

  • 何か売りたい

Do you want to sell something?



















[I want to try]

A: Isiah, do you still want to go to Japan?

B: Yes, that’s right. I think it will be an interesting experience.

A: So, what do you want to do in Japan?

B: I want to eat Japanese food, go to Akihabara, play shogi, and climb Mt. Fuji.

A: Mt. Fuji. It’s sure is beautiful.

B: Yes. Japan is very beautiful. I’m looking forward to it.

[What is this?]

A: Shall we go to that bakery?

B: Yeah, let’s go.

A: What do you want to eat. They have many different things.

B: Uh… what is this?

Looks delicious.

A: Shiroi Koibito.

B: What is a Shiroi Koibito?

A: It’s a pastry. You want to try it.

B: Yeah… Ah, it’s delicious.


まったく、ぬいぐるみが勝手に動きました。。。うわー怖い。。。ポルターガイスト❢(なんてね。ダサいなあ。=_=)。ったくこのポケモン。。。動かないでよ。よし、取って、ポケモンに気づかれてしまった❢ ボルトスタート❢ゲンガーだ。口が大きいなあ。おもしろかった。なんてな。この試練は怖くない。あれ?そのピカチュまた見たよ。このスーパーでピカチュは何をしているの?電気タイプポケモンじゃないか。たぶんまた跡をつける。




Geez, now dolls are moving all by themselves. Oh, so scary (heh this is lame =_=). Stop moving around Gengar. It was bit hard, but I took a picture of Gengar. Well that was entertaining. Just kidding. This trial isn’t scary at all. Huh? That Pikachu again. What is it doing in a place like this? It’s an electric type Pokémon. I guess I should follow it.

It’s went to the back of the building. What is with all this Pikachu stuff. What the heck is that?! It looks like Pikachu. Although it did scare me a bit at first, it’s kinda cute. It called a Haunter for help. Better take out Mimikyu first. I don’t want it calling for more allies. It can get annoying. It was sort of tough but, Mimikyu was taken down.

Crap! Haunter used hypnosis. Now Biyako is asleep. I have to switch. Kurohige, I leave the rest to you! Awesome Sucker Punch! All right good job guys. Hmm? Mimikyu disappeared somewhere… Well I got the picture, so I guess it’s fine. I completed the trial. Plus no one died. These trials are starting to get too easy.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!

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