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Resources for Japanese + Progress


日本語の練習 第22週 Japanese Practice Week 22

Hello everyone! Kyuusei here to teach you Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. With that being said, let’s continue.

New Websites

I am trying out two new websites to use as review and supplemental learning. Since I am starting the lessons today, I don’t have much to say about them other than first impressions. These websites are:

Easy Japanese Grammar Lessons (

This website provides basic grammar lessons for beginners. It comes with a pdf textbook and there are audio files for each lesson. You can download the content to take your learning on the go. Plus, all lessons are free. Other than that, they have some cute character designs that are introduced into the textbook. On top of that, they even have the main heroin tweeting at the end of the lesson (unfortunately not in Japanese but perhaps I can translate them to Japanese as a side project.)

Alison (

This course teaches basic Japanese as well. The course that is provided by this website is only 10 – 15 hours split into 21 modules. These modules cover writing, pronunciation, grammar, etc. They also have assessments to help to see if you understand the material. If all is completed, you are given the chance to get a certificate from their website (for a price of course). I don’t know how legitimate the certification is so I will not be partaking in that until I see fit.


The latest studying regiment that I’ve been testing has been going well. I restarted LingoDeer once again so I can get a better understanding rather than rushing to a certain percentage. Hopefully, this will be the last time that I push myself back to zero on this app. Especially since I want to get to the next course they have to offer.

I have had a little trouble with 2 or 3 words and kanji on JA Sensei. However, that is to be expected when you are going over 800 words and almost 300 (N5 & N4) Kanji every week. Weekends have been easy since all I do is working on my speaking and review.

On another note, I am getting back into Japanese from Zero Volume 4. I’ll do only one lesson a week, so I don’t burn myself out and become burden for my other study habits.

Overall, I’m looking forward to what is to come in the next few weeks. I would like to be done with the LingoDeer Japanese 1 Course by June. Since I am doing two lesson cores every weekday, I find this to be a reachable (and most importantly realistic) goal.

Grammar Notes

Causative Passive

This is just like last week’s grammar notes except is on the passive side. Using passive speech gives a sense of vagueness which is used quite a bit when it comes to Japanese. As a language, Japanese is not as straightforward as English (then again, Japanese seems a lot more polite as well).

Another difference from last week’s grammar is that this specifically means that “someone is made/forced to do something” instead of “to let/make/force something to happen”.

る – Verbs

る➔ drop る+させられる

Ex:  ライブアクション映画が嫌いけど、彼女は僕にスーパーマリオブラザーズを見させられました

(I don’t like live action movies, but she made me watch Super Mario Bros.)

う – Verbs

Convert ending to A-form + せられる

Ex: 学生はレポートを再び書かせられました

(The students were made to write the report again.)

Irregular Verbs


Ex:  夕べ、先輩は非常に酔っ払っていた。だから、彼は私に車を運転させられました

(My senior was extremely drunk last night. So, he made me drive the car.)


Ex:  風邪をひいてので、友達は病院に俺に来させました

(My friend made me come to the hospital because I had a cold.)













イズミ: あたしを大好きなれば、一緒にドラゴンボールエヴォリューションを見ましょう。

ケート: 却下!(やっぱり、イズミちゃんがめちゃくちゃ酔っ払っている。)




ケン:おーい おーい もーりーくーん!












[As expected, you’re drunk]

Izumi: Hey, Kate. I drank two bottles of whiskey, so can you drive?

Kate: Yes. Where is the key?

Izumi: It’s in the pocket of my skirt. Probably. (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Kate: Key, key. Don’t move.

Izumi: It tickles. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Kate: Yes, yes, I understand. Oh, I found it. Come on let’s go.

Izumi: Oh, you are wonderful. That’s why I love you, Kate.

Kate: Yeah, yeah. I love you, too, Izumi. Well, let’s go home.

Izumi: Hey, hey, Kate, Kate.

Kate: What is it?

Izumi: If you love me, let’s watch Dragon Ball Evolution together.

Kate: Hell no! (As expected, Izumi-chan is very drunk.)

[Boruto or Naruto, which do you think is better]

Ken: Hey, Mori-kun

Mori: … (He’s sitting in a chair while reading a book)

Ken: Oooi Ooooi Mooooriiiiikuuuun!

Mori: Oh, Ken. Sorry. I was using earplugs, so I couldn’t hear you. What is it? Say that again.

Ken: Oh, I see. So, you’re reading a new manga?

Mori: Yes. I’m reading the manga Eiko recommended.

Ken: No way… that’s not Naruto, is it?

Mori: Nah. It’s Boruto.

Ken: Really?

Mori: Yeah. I try to read it lightly on the spot.

Ken: Wait a minute. Have you finished reading Naruto?

Mori: No, not yet. Naruto is going to fight Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Looking forward to it? Does Kishimoto still write Naruto?

Ken: Seriously… (“That was a long time ago!”)

Mori: No spoilers, okay?


ウェラ火山公園に届いた。Charcoalを見つけた。後で、ビヤコにあげる。Ace Trainerジムとポケモンの勝負しました。彼のカダブラはちょっと強いけど、ビヤコがカダブラを倒した。え?!信じられない!イケトビコはもう弛緩している。何を弛緩しましたかな?Masqueradeになった。すごくきれいだ。そしてTM Rock Tombを見つけました。このわざはコチャマに教えてあげる。マグビは呉草に飛び出した!ちょっと掴むにくいでど、掴みました。ヒカモマルというあだ名だった。さ、Kiaweのトライルを始めるよ!

Hibiki’s Journal

We arrived at Wela Volcano Park. I found charcoal. I’ll give it to Biyako later. I had a battle with Ace Trainer Jim and his Pokémon. His Kadabra was a little strong, but Biyako defeated it. What?! I can’t believe it! Iketobiko is evolving! I wonder what it will become. It became a Masquerade. It’s so beautiful. And I found the TM Rock Tomb. I’ll teach Kochama this move. Magby jumped out of the dry grass! It was a little hard to catch, but I caught it. I nicknamed it Hikamomaru (Just a rough translation of what Magby is: A fire duck. But if you switch “mo” and “ma” around you get Hikamamoru. Omit the “ka” and you get “Protect the fire” Man, I love word play. This may also foreshadow what is to come of all my fire type Pokémon. Especially Biyako’s fate.). Now, let’s start Kiawe’s trial.

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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