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Wondering About Immersing with Japanese


日本語の練習 第13週 Japanese Practice Week 13

Hello everyone! Kyuusei here to teach you Japanese and show what I find interesting about Japan. With that being said, let’s continue.

Advice on Learning the Language (maybe?)


                Anime, manga, and video games. These can be ways to learn the language and work on your reading and listening comprehension. It can also be an immersive and engaging way to learn. However, these media are usually set in a very casual setting. Sure, you will be able to learn Japanese, but it is best to have a foundation before diving into these media as full immersion tools.

I am playing Pokémon Y in Japanese right now and there is quite a lot of casual and colloquial phrases being used. I understand majority of what is being said (sometimes I must break out the dictionary to understand a word or two). In casual settings, this is great when conversing with friends or family. Although that is true in casual settings, it is not the same as in formal situations. You don’t want to use this type of speech in these type situations (interview, meetings, meeting someone for the first time, etc.). That is the reason why politeness and understanding of grammar is important first and foremost.

                So, it is fine to test your comprehension skills on this media. Just take note that you must start with the formal speech and develop your foundation first. So what counts as a good foundation. I have completed 3 volumes of Japanese From Zero, 2 volumes of Genki, 1 volume of Fluent in Japanese in 90 Days (quarter way into the second volume where they get into more casual colloquial speech), JA Sensei, and LingoDeer. Besides there may be some Japanese media that has majority of it’s Japanese in a formal setting. Such as articles on EasyNHK maybe the anime called Detective Conan.


                I am still doing the journal entries for Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke. I am studying for JLPT this year so that I can take it next year. At that time, I would like to be able take at least the N4. With the time I have, I should be able to get through the listening comprehension, grammar, kanji, and vocabulary needed for the exam. I am confident that I can pass the N5. However, I have some things that I must tend to before attempting to take a test that is nowhere near me now.

Bought the Unlimited Samurai Access for JA Sensei, so I am also working on the N5 and N4 Vocabulary. Reading comprehension is fine, but my speaking needs more work. It might be a good idea to start adding audio to these posts.

Grammar Notes

Place へ Verb-drop ます-stem and/or Noun に:

  • 行きます ➔ 映画館へ映画を見に行きます。
  • 来ます  ➔ 映画館へ出かけに友達の家に来ました。
  • 帰ります ➔ 友達の家へ出かけにうちにかえりました。

(I will go to the movie theater to see a movie.)

(I left the movie theater and came to my friends house.)

(I left my friend’s house and returned home.)




Hibiki’s Journal

Because Professor Kukui is teaching me, I caught a Pikipek. I nicknamed it Jyuko (can be thought of as the counter for small things [10 small things] then Jyu can also be translated as gun and ko as child [supposedly this bird Pokemon can spit seeds from its mouth like a gun.]) I had many battles. I want my Pokemon to become stronger. I had another battle with Hau at the Festival. Hau’s Pichu was cute. However, we won.

I went to Professor Kukui Research Lab with Lillie. He gave me a RotomDex. I think this RotomDex is a bit annoying, but I will endure it. Even so, it is convenient. Afterwards, I went to school. Ah, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to go but… Anyways, I must beat 4 trainers in a battle. Now then, let’s battle. I caught a Meowth. I will call it Nekou (A play on words here: Neko = cat Ou = King, so Meowth’s nickname has a double meaning. Gotta love the Japanese language.) Crap. Pikipek and Meowth came from the same from the same route. Goodbye, Nekou! T_T

In conclusion, I hope that this series is helpful with your journey to learning Japanese and/or taking an interest in the country’s culture. Until then… また来週!


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