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Itsukushima: Place I’d Like to Visit + How to Get 日本語上手(笑)

にほんごのれんしゅう(日本語の練習) 第7週 Japanese Practice Week 7

Hello everyone! Kyuusei here. Let’s start with a few things about Japan.

Itsukushima ()

Itsukushima is an island in the city called Hatsukaichi in the Hiroshima Prefecture (Southwest part of Japan) This is a shrine island where many statues can be found while going up stairs that lead to the Daisho-in Temple. These statues are rakan (らかん) or disciples of Buddha. They are basically followers of Buddhism who have walked the long path of enlighten but have not reached Buddhahood yet. Visitors come to offer knit caps and scarves to keep the statues warm.

In shrines you will often find torii (とりいー鳥居) which are large red gates. If you are into hiking, the top of Itsukushima’s mountain Mount Misen is accessible by walking. If you are not the hiking type, you can access the top by one of the two ropeways (also known as cable cars) to the mountain.  However, there is still a mile trek to get to the top of Mount Misen.

After the long trek, enjoy Momiji manju (もみじ饅頭) or red leaf pastry. This is a pastry that is filled with things such as sweet red bean paste, chocolate or caramel. Due to their being many maple trees, the locals make the shape of this manju into a maple leaf (hence Momiji).

Here’s a video:

For more details about this location:

I found this video a while ago on a website degreed, a curating website that will help you search for media on what you want to learn. This is the video that I saw under my Japanese skill media:


This video encourages me to do better with my Japanese and even provides a few helpful tips on using the right grammar or even the right verb. With this I hope that I can continue to get better. I know that I will make mistakes. However, I would like to make less mistakes. I feel as though I am in a solo race to fluency.


Here are my results from my second (?) post:

And here are my current stats as of today:

My writing score has increased quite a bit from last time. As has other stats.
Let’s shoot for Green Belt!

I am close to my goal of being a Orange belt 3rd Kyu. Perhaps I will shoot higher and go for a green belt before this year is over.

And now I present more grammar notes.

Stating Intent Base form verb + つもり+/です

This grammar note is used only when you plan or intend on doing something.




I plan on cooking.

I plan on becoming a detective.

I plan to study Japanese every day.

To have scheduled plans Base form verb + よてい + /です/はある

This grammar note is used only when stating that you have scheduled plans. It is more direct and straight forward than saying you plan to, or you intend on doing something.




I am scheduled to have an interview.

I am scheduled to wake up at 6 o’clock.

I am scheduled to have a date.

And speaking of dates… here is a long dialogue:



エマ: ね、レイ。ここにいますよ。

レイ: あ、エマ。お待たせしました、申し訳ありません。

エマ: 篤彦先生は厳しいです、ね?

レイ: はい、そうです。篤彦先生は「エッセイを書き終えてから出て行っていいよ」と言いました。

エマ: あのエッセイの締め切りはおとといでしたよ、ね?

レイ: はい。先週、エッセイに出した。しかし、先生は僕にエッセイを書き換えたかったんです。先生は「レイさん、あなたはもっとうまくやれるよ」と言いました。

エマ: なるほど。お父さんみたいです。

レイ: だろう。


エマとレイ: 黒茶を一つください。


レイとエマ: いいえ、けっこうです。

レイ: そ、れいーくんも黒茶が好きですか?

エマ: はい。将棋をする時、たびたび黒茶を飲みます。

レイ: 将棋をしますか?

エマ: はい。それは趣味です。それに、下手です。

レイ: 本当か?

エマ: 本当。家族に将棋を教えてあげるつもりでした。しかし、かれらは将棋がむずかしいと言います。私は将棋が下手なので、たくさん詰め将棋をします。

レイ: いつか一緒にしましょうか?

エマ: いいよ。しましょう。れいーくんの趣味は?

レイ: 書道。子供の時、書道を習います。

エマ: おもしろい。レイーくんの字がこんなにきちゃんとしているのも不思議ではないです。まだ漢字を学んでいます。教えてくれてください。

レイ: いいよ。

ウェイター: 黒茶をどうぞ。ごゆっくり。


ウェイター: どういたしまして。

エマ: あ、もう少しで忘れました。私の誕生日のパーティーに行きませんか?

レイ: いいよ。いつですか?

エマ:  来週です。友達のハルはパーティーを飾ってあげます。

レイ: え?ハル?いずみハル?黒くて短い髪?濃紺の目?

エマ:  はい。知り合いですか?(“すごい。とても特定。ちょっと羨ましいな。”)

レイ: 少しです。実は、友達はハルことが好きです。

エマ:  ひょっとして、この友達はヒビキですか?(“良かったです。レイーくんはハルが好きだと一瞬思った。”)

レイ: ピンポン。どうして分かったんですか?

エマ: ハルはいつもヒビキことを話します。ハルはかれはシャイだけど、頼もしい男ですと言います。

レイ: なるほど。イデアがある。聞きませんか?

エマ: 私たちは同じイデアがあるとおもいます。しましょう。

Emma and Rei are meeting at Café Noir. They met last semester.

Emma: Hey, Rei. I’m over here.

Rei: Ah, Emma. Sorry that I kept you waiting.

Emma: Professor Atsuhiko is strict, isn’t he?

Rei: Sure is. He said “you can leave after you finish writing your essay”

Emma: That essay was due the day before yesterday, wasn’t it?

Rei: Yes. I turned in my essay last week. However, he wanted to me rewrite it. He said, “Mr. Ray you can do better than that”.

Emma: I see. Sounds like a father.

Rei: Right.

Waiter: Would you like to order?

Emma and Ray: One black tea please

Waiter: Yes. Anything else?

Ray and Emma: No, thank you.

Rei: So, you like black tea, too.

Emma: Yes. When I play shogi, I often drink black tea.

Rei: You play shogi?

Emma: Yes, it is a hobby. And, I’m not good at it.

Rei: Really?

Emma: Really. I was going to teach my family shogi. However, they say that shogi is difficult. I’m not good at shogi, so I do a lot of Tsume Shogi (Shogi Puzzles).

Rei: Shall we play sometime?

Emma: Sure. Let’s do that. How about you? Any hobbies?

Rei: Calligraphy. I learned it when I was a kid.

Emma: Interesting. No wonder your handwriting is so neat. I’m still learning Kanji. Will you teach me some time?

Rei: Sure.

Waiter: Here is your black tea.

Rei and Emma: Thank you for the tea.

Waiter: You’re welcome.

Emma: Oh, I almost forgot. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

Rei: Sure. When is it?

Emma: Next week. My friend Haru is decorating for me.

Rei: Eh? Haru? Izumi Haru? Short black hair? Wears glasses? Dark blue eyes?

Emma: Yes. Do you know her? (“That’s amazing. Very specific. I’m a little jealous.”)

Rei: A little. A friend of mine likes her.

Emma: Is this friend by any chance, Hibiki? (“Thank goodness. I thought Rei liked Haru for a second there.”)

Rei: Bingo. How’d you know?

Emma: She’s always talking about him. He’s shy, but he’s a reliable man.

Rei: I see. I got an idea. Would you listen to it?

Emma: I think we have the same idea. Sure. Let’s do it.


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