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Japanese Idioms


日本語の練習 第3週 (Japanese Practice Week 3)

I have recently come back to learning Japanese on the JA Sensei app. I want to get an unlimited account as soon as possible. This app has tons of content available compared to when I was using it at U of L. I decided to start from the beginning. Here are my results so far:

It is fun to see progress

There are some categories that I should work on such as the kanji and kana drawing category. Fortunately, the reading comprehension category is not an issue. Each lesson comes with interesting culture topics (healthcare, variations of politeness, etc.). So, that will increase as I complete each lesson. Overall, I still have much to learn about the language and the culture of Japan.

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On another note, George has published Japanese from Zero 5. (ジョージ先生, おめでとうございます!絶対に買っています。[Congratulations, George sensei]) Many people have waited for this book for years. Since I started the fourth book a few weeks ago, I, fortunately, will not have to suffer the wait. The kanji is getting hard but…


(I still must practice.)

With this book out, I hope that he will continue working on the Japanese from Zero videos.

Speaking of the Japanese from Zero video series, I found another YouTube channel that will help review Japanese concepts called JapanSocietyNYC. I will get into their main lesson playlist soon. As for now, I am enjoying their Uki Uki Nihongo series. I recently watched their idiom video:


Finally, here are a few dialogues. I thought I should revisit that one dialogue from the first week. There might be another part to it for next week. I have been thinking about adding titles and more context to these dialogues (whether the speech is polite, casual or mixture of the two). From now on, I will be adding this content. Furthermore, I have went back and translated majority of what I write into English. These translations will be added for now on as well.

Continuation of the dialogue from Week 1

ヒビキとハル II (Polite) (Hibiki and Haru Part II)


(Hibiki works at a bookstore. Hibiki is looking for Haru’s most favorite novel. But…)


(I found it but… why is that novel…)


A: お...お待たせいたしました。 その小説を見...見つけました。

(So- sorry for the wait. I fou- found that novel.)

B: 本当にありがとうございます。どこに見つけましたか?

(Thank you very much. Where did you find it?)

A: 一番高...高いのシェ...シェルフの上でした。

(On top of the hig- highest sh- shelf.)

B: わあ~ 凄い。すみません。

(Wow, amazing. Sorry.)

A: いいえ。ノ...ノー問題です。

(Not at all. N- no problem.)

B: え、大丈夫ですか?あなたは揺れってますよ。

(Uh, are you okay? You’re shaking.)

A: はい、大...大丈夫です。

(Yes, I- I’m fine.)


(To be continued?)

イェイ ケーキ!(Casual) (Yay cake!)


(A father and his daughter eat at a cake buffet.)


(May eat that cake?)


(What kind of cake?)


(The red velvet one)


(Yeah, go ahead. Don’t eat too much, okay?)



昼ごはんの時間 (Mix) (Lunchtime)


(The girls are eating lunch in the cafeteria.)


(This flavor is good. You have to eat this.)


(What is it?)



Ⓑわあ~ おいしいそう。じゃ、いただきます。

(Wow. It looks good. Well, thanks for the food.)


(How is it?)


(Ah. It’s really good.)




(Did you make this?)


(Yeah, I made it.)


(How did you make it?)


(I’ll tell you but, you can’t tell anyone about this recipe.)

That is it for this week. また来週。(See you next week.)


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