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Japanese Learning Apps

2019年12月08日 「日」

日本語の練習 第2週 (Japanese Practice Week 2)


(You don’t have to have a lot of money to be happy.)


Today I will be starting off with some apps I use to learn Japanese. Perhaps these will help you as well.

Apps I use to learn Japanese:

JA Sensei

Heard about this app from a classmate in my Japanese class. Really helped me when I was learning how to write out the kana. This app has flashcards and you can also practice writing the correct stroke order for each. Not only does it have the basics such as kana, this app has grammar lessons, kanji, radicals, and much more to offer to the more experienced students. This app also has a ranking system symbolized through belts (white belt, yellow, belt, etc.). When you do many of the activities they have to offer, you will rise in rank.


A new one that I found this year. It’s a progressive learning system that allows you to learn the language mostly through 2 or 3 grammar topics or subjects at a time. It is set up somewhat a kin to Duolingo (points and goal setting XP per day). I like that this app has a bonus topic after each lesson to enforce the material that you learn through listening comprehension and speaking.


A: ねえ アレクス、あそこに立ちなくてもいいよ。こち向いて。

B: あ、あすこ。久しぶり。何を読んでいるのか?

A: えと~ この本を読めない。

B: え。なんで?

A: この本は多い難しい漢字がありますから。

B: この本を読みなくてもいいだよ。なぜまだ読むのか?

A: 訳者になりたいよ。私の将来のために、この本を読みなければいきません。

B: わ~ 凄い。じゃ、頑張って。応援するよ。

A: ありがとう。

(For my future)

(Hey Alex, don’t stand over there. Come here.)

(Ah, Asuko. It’s been a while. What are you reading?)

(Um, I can’t read it.)

(What. Why not?)

(Because there are many difficult kanji in this book.)

(You don’t have to read this book. Why still read it?)

(I want to be a translator. For my future, I must read this book)

Wow, amazing. Well then, best of luck. I’m rooting for you.




かれの怖く彼女 (His scary girlfriend)


(Where are you going?)


(I’m going to my girlfriend’s house.)

A: 彼女はまだ怒っているの?

(Isn’t she still mad?)

B: ええ。


A: どうして行くのか?

(Why are you going?)

B: 行かないと。

(I have to go.)

A: 分かった。気を付けて。あの彼女が怖いだよね。

(Understood. Be careful. That girl is scary, isn’t she?)

B: そうだね。あの...お前と一緒に行かないのか?

(That’s right. Um… Will you come with me?)

A: だめ。怖いすぎる。頑張る。

(No way. Too scary. Do you best.)

B: ...行ってきます。

(I’m heading out.)

A: いってらっしゃい。(ドアが閉まる)

(Return safely. (the door closes))

A: 可哀想な。

(Poor thing.)


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